"The List" - Are You In?

Due to Jason's forthcoming departure from the country in oh, SIXTEEN DAYS, I've turned into more of a scatterbrain than normal. It sounds silly when written down, but it almost feels as though I'm the one who is picking up and moving overseas in just over two weeks. [Wouldn't it be nice?] It's always on my mind, and lately it feels like every second sentence that comes out of my mouth is either 'Yes, he's leaving in a few weeks, yes, it has come up fast..' or 'I'll be joining him in December..' or most commonly 'Take me with you!'

[The latter is usually accompanied by me gripping hold of Jason's legs and not letting go, in a completely non-stalkerish sort of way.]

Way back when I first mentioned the fact that the boy was heading off at an earlier date than we had anticipated, I received lots of supportive comments from my blogging friends. The comments made me feel much more relieved, because you guys? Are wonderful. And I intend on using blogging as a means of keeping myself occupied whilst J is away. That being said, I feel I need more than that.

Sad as I am that he's leaving and that I won't be able to see/hug/annoy him, I don't want to turn into a big moping mess when he's gone. I need distractions.

[About five months worth, to be specific.]

So, I'm thinking of compiling a to-do list of sorts. I've seen Zandria create a list of things that she's been completing and checking off over the months. I know Lara is a big fan of lists. And I know the rest of you are not only fabulously organised, but are full of bright ideas and suggestions, so once again I'll be turning to you for help. I'm going to name it 'The List' because it will sound very important and useful.

The idea is that not only will 'The List' keep me occupied, it'll also give me some blogging topics, because months on from NaBloPoMo, I'm still a freak who insists on posting every single day. [Crazy woman.]

More about 'The List': I'll be on my lonesome from the beginning of August until the end of December, so it's not a great deal of time to play with. I need realistic goals that I can actually work towards and check off and that fit into my work schedule, but I do want there to be a fair few so that I really have to push myself to complete them. They could be fun things, trivial things, stupid things, meaningful things, it really doesn't matter to me so long as they are challenging and keep me busy. All I know is that I definitely want your input on it all. Scratch that, I need your input.

You know you want to help a soon-to-be-lonesome girl out here, right?

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Lady M said...

This is a pretty dull suggestion, but one that I'm working on: Getting my finances in order and better invested.

LaLa said...

I have pre-prepared a list for you:

1. Come to my house
2. Drink wine
3. Talk shit

Yes? (Might have to be in a few weeks)

~Kathryn~ said...

clean your room ?
dust the lounge room ?
sort out your room

Viviane said...

Go on a little trip each weekend, maybe with a friend? To a place you haven't been. :)

Julz* said...

road trip to melbourne. yes. :)

Katie said...

You could be totally stalkerish and create a pretty book and every day you write something, or draw something, or stick stuff in it, and give it to J when he gets back?
Then again there's always mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, etc. I'm not good with ideas but I'll keep thinking!

Lia said...

Here in the US, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Definitely a challenge.

RA said...

I think it's a great idea to get a nice fat list of stuff to do. Here are my thoughts:

- I definitely agree with the finances idea. I can make you a spreadsheet...
- Learn to crochet/knit, because you'll need lots of warm stuff to wear in the UK
- Get through your DVD collection and write up posts like Cheers & Jeers (okay, so I stole that from TV Guide) or funny, out-of-context quotes.
- Interview a reader every so often
- Tell us about your favorite things about Australia (maybe after your roadtrip?)
- Have a reading goal
- Get a handful of quick dinner recipes under your belt
- Practice living on a limited wardrobe (I'm assuming that you can only haul so much when you join Jason)
- Make sure you do the things you'll miss the most once you're overseas

Hope these are helpful!

Aimee said...

My suggestion is shallow. LOL Keep working your little tookie off on your running program! Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't miss their boyfriends (as much). :)

Also, I like the reading idea. I'm working on 30 books in 2007. I'm up to 13. ::sigh::

Carrie said...

Weight Watchers Magazine has a walking program to build up length and time. You can go to there website and find out about it. At least it will get you moving everyday.

Second, I like what Aimee did way back when. She asked what we wanted to see in her city and then went to take pictures of it for the blog.

Or you can just show us your city. Places that you enjoy or interesting things. I've been thinking about doing this but am waiting until the weather cools down.

Also every Sunday I used to take my mom to another city so we could see what it was like. That means we would try a new diner for breakfast.

-R- said...

Go to two restaurants you have never been to before.
Re-read a book that was required reading in high school or college to see if you like it/still like it/hate it/still hate it.
Get all your photographs organized if they aren't already.

Audrey said...

I am loving everyone's suggestions so far so I'll just add one little one:
Write actual, hand-written letters to him as often as you can. He will really appreciate it, I guarantee it. There's nothing better when you're abroad and missing your significant other than getting mail from home. And it gives you the fun opportunity to create and include little pictures or other mail-able things to go with the letters.

Virginia Gal said...

--Finish watching the DVD box sets you talked about a while back.
--Make a goal of walking/running the number of miles/kilometers across Australia (or to Jason?) as part of your time on the treadmill.
--Request tourist info about the area in England where Jason is going to be, and learn everything you can about the area before you get there.
--Be a tourist in your own country - visit as many of the popular tourist areas (snarky reports back here are optional) as you can before you leave.
--Spend as much time with your parents as you can. You do remember how you felt when they were gone (for only a month)? They are probably going miss you more, and you are going to be gone for a longer period of time. (and no, your mom did not tell me to write this)

Mick said...

Puzzles. They wile away the time nicely :)

Ooooh. Live music?

Gee's. There are no other guys who commented hey?


janet said...

hmmm, well, if I was suddenly single for 5 months, I think I would:

1. get as skinny as I could (or try)
2. hang out with girlfriends as much as possible
3. begin many crafty-type hobbies but probably never finish them
4. work on my scrapbook. finances are a good idea too!
5. get a vibrator (sorry, i would!)

Brie said...

I like all the suggestions so far...
Take a class in something- art, sewing, etc.
Learn a sport
A reading or writing goal

nancypearlwannabe said...

Boston's not exactly a road trip, but it would be a lovely distraction for you to come visit, yes? I would also plan out some care packages to send J, and take up learning a craft of some sort. And I like the idea of having lots of girl time.

Christopher said...

Some suggestions:
- Revisit some of your favourite books, see if they still stand up today.
- Read some books and compare them to the DVD movie versions, post what you think.
- Listen to some old favourite cds and see if you still like them.
- Learn about a different country and culture each week.
- Start a scrapbook (old photos) of fun times and memories in Aus; something to look at when you're overseas later.
- Set yourself 3 things to do a day which you've never done before (try a new food, listen to a new kind of music, etc.)
- Try a couple of new recipes each week.
- Try creating a crossword or sudoku puzzle.
- Try finding different routes to get to work/home each day.
- Enjoy the things you can do now which you won't be able to do overseas. :)

Julz* said...

bake a new dessert each week.

but you don't have to eat it, the enjoyment is in the successful baking ;)

Kirsten said...

Wow - I am sooo out of the loop! I guess that's what you get when your computer blows up and you miss several months of blog reading, haha!

Why is Jason going to Britain? Are you moving there permanently in Dec?

Hmmm...I find we tend to take for granted the places we live.

-So try out "new" coffee shops/used book stores/etc. -Take a lot of pictures, maybe one a day of something that strikes your interest.
-Have a girls night and come up with a theme (decorate and come up with a drink and games to go along)
-Check out your local band scene
-Borrow a few books from the library that you've always wanted to read and do it - then leave a note with your review in it!
-Send postcards with random thoughts on them to Jason.
-Plan out your meals for a week but make sure one of them per day is nothing you've ever made and/or tried before. You might find something you love to put in your regular meal rotation!

...aaannndddd that's all I can think of for now :P

Jason said...

- create a shrine devoted to me :P

just kidding.

- I'm not sure how the themes work with you blog but if it possible create your own theme for this blog. ie write your own html page embed some javascript in it make it funky/

- create a scrapbook ready to take to the UK for photos and other junk that we could put in it which will capture out time together over there :)

Personally i prefer the shrine idea ;)

Kristabella said...

I think I'm going to say a lot of things people have already said.

Since you're leaving, I suggest seeing things you've always wanted to see. Or things you've never seen. Or places you haven't been in a long time. (I had friends in town last summer and I did all these touristy things in the city and it was great!)

Read books. Email me if you need any good suggestions.

TV Shows on DVD. Lost is a very good one. You can't stop watching. And I bet Season 3 should be coming out soon.

Movies. Natch.

I think you should keep like a photo journal or something of the sort while Jason is gone. Like what you did while he was you two were apart. So when you see him, you can give it to him and it will be like you never spent any time away from each other. You know like photos of you sleeping. Or on the toilet. Or drowning your sorrows with wine. :)

Jen said...

I hadn't posted yet since I didn't want to repeat people and thought I'd get to talk to you, but I've just been so damn busy. So here's my suggestions.

*Scrolls up*

Holy crap, Jason commented!


-Drive to Jen-land and visit Jen.
-Research where you'll be living, what you can buy there so you know what you need to bring/can't get there.
-Train the doggies to do something.
-Watch your dvds, blah blah
-Find a way to fix Jen's brain since no one has yet to discover the cure
-Write a book/short stories
-Get some new goals on Neopets and work towards them
-Learn how to put on makeup so you know what I'm on about when I talk about it
-Learn to crochet
-Learn how to sew so you can make/alter clothes
-As above, but make clothes for the doggies. OH HOW CUTE
-Spend extra time with your parents, doing things together rather than just passing conversations

That's all for now. Creaming soda is making my tummy sore.

Eris said...

Take self defense classes so you can kick some ass

Study up on London so you know what you want to see

Make up photo albums/scrap books of all your mementos and pictures so you are organized

I love the suggestions of getting your finances in perfect working order, that is the kind of foundation that will set you up for life. If you make a habit of it now and know what is going on you will have little to worry about. I don't know how retirement works in Australia or even the UK but you should certainly look into it and view your best options.

Most important; enjoy every minute of being young and you. Time is blessed and precious and you don't want to spend it focusing on the future when the present is wonderous. You don't have to fill your time with lists, just relax and be in the moment. Someday if you have kids and other obligations you will look back on the few months you had alone and be happy that you got to experience it.

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