Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture.

What you do expect to see during a Turbo Jam 'shake it' session at home: Yours truly dancing around like a loon, skin bouncing everywhere; not a pretty sight.

What you don't expect to see during a dancing session at school: One of your kidlets wiggling his backside in people's faces, slapping his booty the entire time.

The saddest part? The boy's got better moves than I do. I'm serious!

[Don't forget - I'm still taking ideas on "The List" - so keep those thinking caps on.]

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Katie said...

Haha, who's been teaching him his moves? :P
I don't remember dancing lessons at school, I totally missed out on the bum dancing! :D

Julie said...


Although, I can't remember having dance sessions in school.

Humor Girl said...

you KNOW people think he got his moves from you....

Carrie said...

What is it with kids and their butts?

Lindsey said...

Don't feel bad. Everyone has better moves than I do.

-R- said...

I can totally picture that little kid. So funny!

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