I'm Officially Spooked.

If you read yesterday's Google-age post carefully, you might have read a little anecdote about the television in my bedroom going bonkers.

If you didn't, here's the low down: Apparently, my television is possessed.

On Thursday night, I finished watching a DVD in bed and flicked off the power via my remote controls - one turns the DVD player off, the other the TV. I put both remote controls on the bedside table and rolled over to sleep, nothing special.

Something woke me up about a half hour later. I rolled over and realised that the television had turned itself back on to an empty fuzzy screen, without any noise.

Being a big wimp, I didn't move to turn it off. I just kind of lay there, huddled under my sheets looking around the room for monsters. [As you do.] Ten minutes passed and I figured I was losing my mind, when the television clicked itself off. Of course, I then shot up out of bed and turned the power off at the wall, because that's what the smart people do in the movies. [Never mind that in The Ring, it doesn't help.]

Let's just say that I didn't sleep too well that night, and spent the next few hours watching home shopping infomercials to keep me distracted.

[I want to buy the Turbo Jam workout DVDs. Bloody awesome!]

The next day I told Jase what happened and he laughed at me, which I suppose is perfectly acceptable under the circumstances. When he stayed over the following night, all of the appliances behaved perfectly. No spooky late night switching on or off, just a normal night's sleep. I figured I was just going mental.

Anyone want to take bets on what happened last night, when I was back in bed alone? I turned everything off and fell asleep, only to be woken up an hour later with the television on - this time blaring the loud home shopping channel.

Once again, I jumped out of bed and switched off the outlet, and hid under my blankies for the rest of the night, because OMG, am scared now, help.

What the fuck is going on here? And when did I turn into such a big fraidy-cat?

That's it. No more X-Files episodes before bed for me.

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Katie said...

Oooh that's scary! At least when my TV turns on by itself, I can blame it on Puddy but you don't have any balls of fluff to roll over onto the remote, so that won't help you at all. That's a bit freaky - maybe your room is haunted? :D

Brie said...

Mine did that for awhile- I set the sleep timer and I would wake up in the middle of the night with the tv on. Or I would turn it off and 5 minutes later it would be back on. I unplugged it from the wall for an hour or so and it went back to functioning normally. Maybe that will work for you.

Jenny said...

That would scare the crap out of me...although I'm sure there's a logical explanation. My cat always sits on the remote and changes the channels.

Get a cat.

shuey6 said...

power surge?

Julz* said...

i think now you're the one with ghosts O_o *scared*

Lady M said...

I'm with Brie - try unplugging for a half hour or so, to see if there's some kind of reset. And if it turns out your TV is haunted, maybe they are friendly ghosts. ;)

I tagged you for a meme today - if you'd like to play!

Kelly said...

0o0o0o0o0o0o0 Spoooooooooky!
I'm a fraidy cat too... except if my tv did that, I'd be sleeping out on the couch!
Thanks for visiting and showing my new home with love... eheheh.
PS. If you want a funky header graphic, track down some pics you want... and I'll make something for you :D

kirby said...

I would have shit myself. Without any form of hesitation...
I suggest you move out.

what was the home shopping network trying to sell you when your posessed tv flicked itself on...?

this is why I don't like being home by myself overnight...

janet said...

hahaah this is funny. sorry to be laughing at your expense, but it really is!

Aimee said...

AAAACK! That is scary. I'm with whoever said go sleep on the couch! :D

Kris said...

I came here via the link when u left a comment on my blog and holy moly am i glad i did. YOU ARE HILARIOUS girl!!!! This post totally sounds like me! This happened to me but it turned out to be the sleep timer. Whatever. There were monsters i know it.
I'm soooooo glad to know that i'm not the only one who hides under my blankie then ends up watching infomercials for hours!!! I think you're my long lost sister! Oh and on Turbo Jam you totally won't regret it. Its an amazing set. I hate to exercise and i'm lazy but i have fun doing it and it makes me WANT to exercise..weird! Check amazon before u buy from the infomercial tho - i've heard a ton of horror stories about ordering from beachbody - amazon has them all. Holla at me if u have any more ques. and no i dont work for TJ just someone who needs to lose a ton of weight and loves the workouts!:)
hope ur monsters have gone away

Julie said...

Sounds like you have a Poltergeist.

Are your parents back yet?

heidikins said...

Maybe it's just Casper the friendly-but-tricksie ghost? Maybe you should leave him milk & cookies? :o)


Marianne said...

EEP! It may be a short in the TV or the sleep timer. Or ghosts. It definitely could be ghosts.

Carrieamc said...

That is wicked cool. Why can't anything like that happen to me?

honi said...

hey there have not seen ya in several months...
Check your timer on your remote.. bet your sleep timer got messed up or something..
all the best!

Maya said...

Have duly posted your answers to the question you guys get all the time at my place. OooooOOOOoooh scarY!

Margaret said...

Hey there. Sorry I haven't stalked you in a while. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I have an additional blog now. It's linked on this comment.

As for you being spooked, are you sure someone isn't messing with you? Do you have an alarm type function on your t.v. that will turn on when set? I just ask because I once had a t.v. that did and it was set for me to wake up in the morning. Maybe Ajay decided to play a little with you?

Also I know that my t.v. sometimes doesn't turn off when I turn it off, like the button is extra sensitive or something. Just some thoughts.

kerrianne said...

The Turbo Jam! YES. Ok, so my mom totally bought those. The infomercials are just too stinking convincing. (But they are actually pretty rad. Except for the perpetual perky. I mean, I know endorphins=happy, but I kept turning on the tapes thinking ONE day the squad would look as tired and down-trodden as I felt after a week of their workouts; No such luck.)

Siany said...

Why arent you showing up in my bloglines anymore?!?!

Umm.. sounds to me like theres a timer on your telly!! Or someone across the road has found out their remote control works on your tv too and is having fun watching you quiver under the doona!!

Did you end up figuring it out!?!

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Trevor - the next WSOP Poker Champion said...

Plugging that puppy out from the wall is probably the best thing that you could do - but, psss, do it before you go to bed.

In all probability, like some smart person said above, a tv converter across the hallway/street/whatever is tuned to the same frequency of your TV.

So, look around google for another blog where some other person is marvelling at the eerie poltergeist like quality of their new tv set. That poltergeist would be you, lol.

Sorry, for smiling, but your blog was really quite funny.

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