Not Just Me!

Here I was thinking I was being snotty and selfish being excited about having presents brought home for me, but apparently you guys are juuuust like me. We must be kindred spirits! (And just to make it clear one more time, I am actually glad to have my parents home, with or without presents. Is true!)

I've been spoiled with with lots of clothes, especially tops. I swear, if I lived in the USA, I'd be poor just from buying clothes. Everything is so cheap! You guys have it good, let me tell you. You don't find $3 tops around here very often. And especially not Lee ones. And the most exciting part? I fit into Large sizes! Do you know how long it has been since I fit into a Large of anything?

I've got nothing else to report today, so I'm going to go be a teenybopper and dance around my room to Fall Out Boy.

[Is a nerd.]

And keep on updating me with USA travel ideas! You guys are great.

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Kelly said...

FIRST! I'm first!
Presents are awesome! And tops, yes, are evil. I have enough tops to be able to wear a clean one every day for about 3 weeks, without having to do laundry. I don't need cheap tops! I have enough of the expensive ones!

Julie said...



Carrieamc said...

$3 tops? Wow. Okay I will admit that I purchased 5 tops and all of them were less than $8 a piece.

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you got some fun presents!

Leslie said...

Where in the name of God did your parents find cute tops for $3 a piece? Surely you don't mean three American dollars?

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