Sunday Google-age Round 7 (It's Alive!)

Sunday Google-age is back with a vengeance today, since I was reminded to do it with a gentle nudge. You'll have to bear with me this week; moving around means my stats have disappeared into nothingness. Yipes! Will need to figure out where I can see my site hits from now on. Oh wait, am clever, found it! Hello Stat Counter.


That's me! Hi! How are ya?
Would you like a cookie?
Or how about a round of SingStar?

Non Generic Wedding Songs
Can I just ask what is so wrong with generic wedding songs? Everyone needs a little "From This Moment On" or "Love is in the Air" at their wedding, right? I love the oldies, but my er, musical taste probably isn't a good judge. And why the hell are you asking ME for wedding advice anyway? Do you see any bling in this general direction? Do you? DO YOU?

Making Babies
I'm no expert on this subject, but apparently there are birds and bees involved.

I Seem to Need to Pee all the time
Um, maybe you should research the above topic. I'm just saying . . . OR you could just have a weak bladder. Can I suggest adult nappies*? [* aka diapers.]

Soundtrack to my Life
This is mine, right here. I should do another one of those one of these days.

He's probably slow dancing with a bleached blonde
He is? That man-whore! We should organise to have him killed.

Wearing sexy stockings and contact lenses
Phwoar, you sexy thang. My advice would be to put in your contacts BEFORE trying to wiggle into the sexy stockings. Could be dangerous, otherwise. Your stockings might end up on your head!

Funny student report comments
Ahem, having just finished writing report comments for my kidlets, I don't want to talk about them anymore. Not once. Am on strike!

Other than being a not-so-wonderful song by Prince, oh sorry, funky scribbly symbol guy, I think it's a pretty spiffy word. Don't you?

Poems about fussy eaters
Oh, Oh! I'll write one for you. Here we go:

There once was a girl with a blog,
Who looked nothing at all like a frog,
She hates foods with seeds,
And she doesn't like peas,
Her butt needs to go for a jog.

Can kids swim in their underwear?
Well, sure they can. Just make sure they don't leave their knickers behind in the change rooms. They breed in there.

Unsaid, what's it mean?
It means that it's not being said? Um, it's secret? Oh, and it's a song by The Fray.

Peeling potatoes makes me sneeze.
Really? Potatoes? Ha! That's funny . . . I mean, you poor thing. Perhaps you're allergic, and should buy some of that potato whip stuff. It's good wrapped in devon, yum. (Does admitting that make me a complete bogan?)

Jason Behr's penis.
And what exactly were you expecting to find? This blog is G-Rated, freaks.

Sarah McLachlan topless
Again with the pervert-factor. I assure you, I have no titty pictures of Ms McLachlan on this here blog. I dare you to find some.

Don't think I can bungy jump
That's what I said, just before flinging myself off a bridge with my ankles tied together. And I'd do it again, too!

Contiki Sex Parties
Apparently people think I'm having more fun on Contiki than I remember having . . . in the bedroom, that is. Please, I was WAY too busy jumping off things to engage in such events. Although I did hear a rumour about a hot tub on the first night of our NZ tour.

Contiki sex pictures
Ahem. What happens on Contiki stays with Contiki. [Does that sound secretive enough? Like I know what I'm on about, bah!]

Gothic People - I'm feeling lucky
Good for you! Bad for the gothic people; way to stereotype, by the way.

Don't feel chipper
Neither do I. But I like the word chipper. It's nifty. Chipper, chipper, chipper.

In the middle of the night
. . . I go walking in my sleeeeeeep. Quick, distract me before I start serenading you with Billy Joel lyrics. Let me tell you a story instead - the other night, I watched a couple of episodes of the X-Files just before bed [stupid move, Aly you wuss] and after they finished, I flicked off the television and went to sleep. I woke up half an hour later, and my TV had turned itself back on! Being a big fraidy-cat, I lay huddled up in the blankets and didn't move in case the monsters got me, when the television turned itself OFF again. I swear, just like that. Flick! Off it went. I may or may not have stayed awake all night with the light on.

All I think about is tomorrow
Ew, why would you want to do that? Tomorrow is MONDAY. An evil, evil day of the week, if you ask me.

Filthy gorgeous
A mighty fine song to dance around your bedroom too, while wearing high shoes and feather boas. Not that I've done that, or anything.

Let's call her Heidi!
No! Let's call HER Heidi!

Amusing comments from dentists
I don't know if dentists can say anything that is amusing, especially if you are sitting in their chair at the time. Bloody horrible.

Sporting equipent spelt with e
I don't even want to talk about your grammar. Where is the 'm'?

There's really no way to reach me
. . . 'Cos I'm already gonnnnnnnnnnnne. Didn't stop me quick enough this time, did you? This is 'Vienna', also by The Fray. I like your taste.

Horrible feeling when I move my hands.
I hear you on this one. Ricky scratched me the other day while I was cleaning out his cage, and tore a gash in the cushy part of my palm. Every time I move my hands? Boom. Skin splits. Little brat.

Boys shirtless PE lessons
There they are! Over there! [runs and hides]

What is a black balloon?
A really beautiful song by the Goo's that I can't wait to hear live again someday.

What happens when you pop your sty?
It hurts. It goes crusty. It goes away. Three easy steps!

Lite and easy weight loss
Is a food company that delivers frozen meals to your door. We've tried it for a week or so in the past, it's not actually bad tasting stuff! Just expensive. Boo.

Remedy for spotty arms
Honey, if I had the cure for this, I'd be flaunting my arms around with the best of them. Sadly, my spots remain covered up for now, thank goodness for winter. If you find an answer, let me know.

I've confessed to a couple of things: Feeling stale and burned out, being a self proclaimed dork, feeling awkward about tagging people in stupid memes. What have you got to confess? Any dirty little secrets?

Your words make me angry
Now now, that's not very nice. How about we think of sunshine and rainbows instead? Much more pleasant. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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Mick said...

Woo!! It's back :) Very entertaining. Thank you.

kirby said...

next year...I'm going on contiki.
relatively cute, single girl. the boys will love me.
*arms in air*

Jen said...

I want to be in one of these. I need to come up with some witty phrase that will link to your blog. Although I am guilty of "alyndabear"ing you in the early days when I didn't know your website.

There is no cure for the spotty arms. It is, however, called keratosis pilaris and can be helped with gentle exfoliation and lots of moisturiser. *has it mildly on thighs*

Marianne said...

Very clever. Adorable.

Julz* said...

how on earth someone who goggled "jason behrs penis" ended up on your blog...I don't know... *shakes head*

I love your sunday google-age :D

Kelly said...

Ok, I must admit it, that looked like a lot of total randomage to me. Wacked out, weird, odd, randomage. But I liked it.

Anyhoo, I got a new blog. And I figured out how to import all my posts. Woohoo! Come visit me.. and pimp me (if you like) and make me feel loved!!!

Lindsey said...

I shouldn't be sharing this...BUT...the other night I had a dream I was wearing a diaper/nappie! I had to pee really bad in real life. It's just a good thing I didn't wet my bed. Now THAT would have been embarrassing. I have to pee all of the time. But I didn't google that. haha

Brie said...

Yay! The google-age is back!!!

heidikins said...

Oooh! Pick me for Heidi!! Hurray!! (*Jumping up and down with hand in the air like a crazy-person)


Katie said...

Haha I love seeing what people searched for, ending up at my site. Some stuff is rather ... interesting and your list certainly doesn't disappoint! :P

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