Now Seems Like a Good Time to Start Crapping My Pants.

Amidst all the talk to friends, families and total strangers, the scare factor of Jase leaving in ten days time, and the other randomness that comes along with planning an eventual move overseas, the reality of the whole thing has not kicked in yet. It's six months away before I have to start thinking about this, and I have plenty to do to keep me occupied in that time. (Oh "List", how I love you so.)

I've got a little more time to frolic around through fields of daisies and pretend that I don't have to be a grown up any time soon. Or so I had thought, anyway.

It kicked in officially last night, which was around the time when I finally began checking the available flights to London in late December through the frequent flyers points scheme. (Thanks to Jason and my parents adding to my frequent flyer points, I have enough to get a complimentary one way ticket from Sydney-London.)

I had been very excited, imagining I would leave in late December to be there for New Years, that there would be plenty of flights available. In my excitement though, I'd forgotten that it's school holidays at this time, meaning flights? Are few and far between. I was shocked to discover that there was only one economy class flight available from Sydney-London for frequent flyer members until January.


(Now imagine if you will, a(n) slightly incredibly frazzled and sick Aly simultaneously coughing up a lung and having panic attacks at the thought of not getting on that flight and having to actually pay for a later one. Not happening. Not. Happening. Am good at stressing out. And am cheap.)

After annoying not only my darling boyfriend but my injured father too, (how he fell down the stairs and fractured a rib or two is a story for another day) I soon had their points transferred into my account. I then proceeded to freak out again because HOLY SHIT AM I ACTUALLY BOOKING A ONE WAY TICKET TO LONDON, chickened out, and decided to wait until mum got home before I booked the flights. I also refreshed the screen madly to make sure that all the frequent flyer members of Australia hadn't suddenly wanted to get on that particular plane on that particular date, but realising all the while that they probably wouldn't because HOLY SHIT IT WILL BE BLOODY COLD IN LONDON IN DECEMBER. I checked, double checked, triple checked that the flight was actually to the right place and that I was not actually going to end up in Timbuktu by mistake. I checked the World Health Organisation page to make sure that London didn't have any crazy diseases going around at the moment, and worried some more because HOLY SHIT LONDON IS A LONG LONG WAY AWAY AND I'M GOING TO MISS MY PARENTS LIKE CRAZY.

(As you can see, I cope fabulously under pressure.)

But, my friends, all worked out smoothly. I eventually booked the flight. I now have my plane ticket (to London, LONDON!) done and booked, with a reference number and everything. (Who came up with this e-ticket idea? It looks like something I could create in Microsoft Word. Is that really the actual ticket? Damn.) There you have it. It's official. I'm going to London,

And did I forget to mention the date I'll be flying out? Silly little me.

It's Christmas Day.

How's that for a present?

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Katie said...

Wow, flying out on Christmas Day? That's pretty cool. What time - in the morning or evening? Because if it's in the latter part of the day, at least you'll get to spend Christmas morning with your parents!
How exciting! OMG I want to go, I'm so jealous! Congrats on booking the ticket - it is a scary thing to do. :)

Kelly said...

Christmas Day?!
Wow. I hope it's an afternoon flight, for your sake!

I'd be freaking out about booking the flight too, like you said, reality!

Lindsey said...

Christmas Day? London? That would stress me out too. I guess that's not helping, but seriously...FREAK OUT!!! :-)

janet said...

oh my goodness, what a fabulous present you just got yourself!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Christmas Day? Now won't you be bawling your eyes out.

I'll miss my parents! *cries*
I get to see Jason! *cries*
But I won't see my parents and I have to be a grown up! *cries*
ZOMG JASON! *cries*

Tasmiya said...

How exciting! I do think you are a little mad but if anyone can manage it, it's you :)

kirby said...

*grabs alynda*
dooonnnn't leeeeeeeeeeeave!!!

it's only for a year, right?

Julz* said...


Aly....we were going to spend a fantastic new years together :(

*cries* I don't want you to leave at all!!!!

LaLa said...

I've flown on Christmas Day, it's fab. You get special meals and little puddings and BOOZE!

Lia said...

Somehow I'm not surprised that the last flight available is for a holiday. It's because no one wants to fly that day, which is why I always try to fly on holidays when I can - I'm cheap too, and the tickets are always less on unpopular days.

Exciting! It's going to be great!

Julie said...

I am so excited for you!
You're only going to be across the pond!!

Laurel said...

Aly! My link to your site through Bloglines seems to be malfunctioning... I was wondering why you hadn't posted lately, but you totally have.

How exciting that you booked your ticket!!! It's really happening!

heidikins said...

Honey, take a BIG breath, hold it, and release. Repeat as necessary.

Things will be ok, yes it's scary and nerve-racking, but it will be ok. Lots of people live in London - and the vast majority are fairly normal homo-sapiens. It will work out.

Lots of love and hugs!

Aurelius said...

Flying on Christmas day? Not stuck in a church praying to the Almighty?? Rather suspicious..... And flying on a one-way ticket?? Hmm.... the police might be interested in this.... Just make sure you don't go giving anyone a SIM card....

Viviane said...

No you get the ticket at the airport. ;) I actually like etickets, my flights to/from London and Barcelona are also etickets, because you cannot lose your ticket before the trip. :)
Congrats on booking your flight, hehe.

Alex said...

Am so jealous. I've wanted to live in London forEVAH. Congrats on a very exciting life change!

Aimee said...

OMG I'm soooo excited for you!! :)

~Kathryn~ said...

I'm sure i'll be fine *sniff*

Nila said...

I'm so excited for you. A one way ticket to anywhere must be a scary purchase. But you did it.

Audrey said...

Well now you don't have to stress about getting Jase a Christmas present -- he's getting you!

Teacher A said...

So your dad fractured his ribs, too? Mine recently fell on a trash can and broke a bunch of ribs on one side. Skills, eh?

grungedandy said...

Hi just found your site through another friends site & I love it– great how this internet works huh?

Read this post & as I live in London thought I’d better give a word of warning, depending when you land Christmas Day tends to be the only day that almost everything closes down, buses, trains, tubes, most cabs (taxis), restaurants, shops, hotels!

So please say Jason is going to pick you up at the airport!

And also be very careful on the roads a lot of people are stressed, visiting relatives and stuff & may forget about the DON’T DRINK & DRIVE rule that make sense!

Sorry to put a downer on coming over here, but I just want to make your visit/stay to be a good one! So remember to wear layers (tights under jeans can sound mad but it helps with the wind chill especially if your not used to the weather here) it’s more likely to be raining & windy than snowing, this depends which area you live in the more north you go the colder it gets!

Remember to pack loads of those sherbet orange things you like as I’ve never seen them over here, and its bit of a trek to the ozzy stores!

Anyhow since it’s baking out side here at the moment its weird thinking about Xmas, let me know if there are any other things you need to know abut this strange country!

Frequently asked questions: why do the trains stop working when there are leaves on the line? How come baked beans are a breakfast food as well as a lunch? What is black pudding? Should I try it? What is the umbrella curse?

These are mostly from my USA friends who’ve moved over here but I’m sure there are a whole load of new ones you may have.
Anyhow good luck with the LIST (I always have about 3 or 4 on the go)


radyo dinle said...

So your dad fractured his ribs, too? Mine recently fell on a trash can and broke a bunch of ribs on one side. Skills, eh?

güzel sözler said...

oh my goodness, what a fabulous present you just got yourself!

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