"The List" (Now comes with extra vomit.)

I hope you've all kept your thinking caps on and are still coming up with wonderfully witty ideas to add to "The List" if you haven't already. [And if you already have, too bad! Think of more! Please?] It's coming along nicely, but I want more. Mooooooore! [Insert your best mad scientist laugh here.]

It's going to be good fun putting this together, even with the boring bits like "Cleaning My Room" on there. [Thanks, Mum.]

In the meantime, I was given an omen yesterday telling me how the next eleven weeks are going to pan out. Yep. You generally know it's going to be hell, when one of your kidlets throws up all over the desk and the floor on their first day back.

Simply wonderful. How much do I love teaching?

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kirby said...

sounds like Tuesday 17th August is "Loose Control of Bodiliy Functions Day"
I had a dog drop the entire contents of his stomach into the hydrobath... then refuse to move so I could clean it out and actually wash him.
Glorious day, it was.

LaLa said...

Dirty little shits. It's all those lollies they eat!

Kelly said...

Ick. I don't envy you. I don't like kidlets at all, let alone the vomiting type.
As for your list, why don't you keep up with the gym, and make yourself over? Maybe a week or so before you leave to meet up with Jason, you could get some highlights done in your hair, and stuff like that? I dunno.
I also agree with the idea of making him a journal or something. Maybe a little lockable diary where you can write down whenever you think about him etc. I think he'd like that!

Lia said...

I certainly hope you love teaching. Because otherwise, insanity will happen.

Marianne said...

I'd like to add "Go to Chicago" to your list... but that would likely blow your "Off to the UK" budget. Hmm... so I got nothin'.

Aimee said...

Ew! vomitting kidlets does NOT sound like fun. I think this reminds me of why we are still on the fence about that whole "having kids" thing. I can't imagine dealing with a sick kid that isn't even mine. I don't do bodily fluids. LOL

angela said...

Look on the bright side, at least now you can check "cleaning up kidlet vomit" off your list.

janet said...

crap does this mean your mom read my comment? hi aly's mom!

Lindsey said...

EEEW that made me feel a little sick myself, just reading about it. I puked in the second grade once. I was humiliated!

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