Google-age Question of the Day


[Yes, capitals were evidently very necessary, because this question is SO IMPORTANT.]

My answer?

Well, sure. I guess they do hurt like a big zit. But they can also hurt like a little zit. You know, those ones that are tiny and barely visible to the naked eye, but make your face ache? I'll be getting a few of those after this weekend's junk food binge.

[Seriously, folks, I did not have a cold sore the other day. I just split my lip! And it's better. No herpes in sight! Do you have any idea how many cold sore hits I'm getting? Crazy.]

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knocked up from KC said...

oh my god you have have herpes!! - that is sooo like gross and you think like your kidlets have germs. Honey i dont think so, i think you are like the cause of them like getting sick in literacy group. like yeah right. maybe you should like shower more than once a month.

Teacher A said...

Oh, man. I had one of those stealth zits this weekend. I hate them so much!

Snoskred said...

I managed to split my lip a couple of weekends ago. I know what you mean.. ;) And like whoa, nasty comment from the KC person, or trying to be funny? If trying to be funny, throw in a smiley. If like you like were really like being like nasty, I hope like you like burn like in hell! lolz yeah

Susan C said...

Get yourself some l-lysine (from the vitamin section) I think Blackmores Cold Sore tabs have it in there as well. But in any case, l-lysine will help take the icky feeling away if it is a cold sore. I swear by it.

And if its not a cold sore - this stuff can't hurt.

Lala said...

Nah... I saw it and, it is a cracked lip my sweet.

As someone who does suffer from cold sores when I am either sick or really stressed, or JOY, both, I can tell you that they don't hurt like a bit zit.

Totally different tingly pain. And sometimes a massive throbbing around it.

But different than a zit.

Aimee said...

Don't tell Lindsey that you have the "mouth herpes" It freaks her out. LOL

You'll post about anything to get more traffic won't you?! heee. :)

Laurel said...

OUCH, this google question hurts just reading it! I hope your anonymous visitor finds some Tinactin--and quick!

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