Irony Is . . .

Seeing your empty fuel tank light switch on as you're driving home from your partner's house . . . having just gleefully informed said partner that you can't be bothered getting dressed this morning and might as well just go home in your pyjamas, because it's not like anybody will see you anyway.

[Imagine, if you will, an unshowered Aly with hair thrown into a signature messy bun, her attire being a baggy jumper*, some trackies* missing their elastic waistband, oh, and paired with a really sexy pair of pointy toed boots* that looked great with my outfit last night. What can I say? Am a fashion diva.]


Thankfully, my car was just fucking with me, as after driving for ten minutes with my eyes glued to the fuel gauge and praying not to break down, the "kms left" panel decided to give me an extra 50kms. Yep. Off clicked the petrol light.

I drove home like a woman possessed, positive that the car was just going to up and die, and that I would have to spend hours broken down on the side of the road. With no deoderant on. This story's ending could have been a lot worse.

And now, for my international readers, a glossary:

*Jumper = Sweater/Sweatshirt (Mine is an old Adidas one that I've had for years.)
*Trackies = Sweatpants/Gym pants (Mine are elastic waist, I'm secretly a granny.)
*Boots = Wait, you guys have boots over there, right?


Oh, and for something REALLY amusing, click on this here link. You'll get to read the above post in Gizoogle format. Yo, I'm the shizznit, peace out gangstas.

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Jen said...

Your pjs sound very much like normal clothes, just daggy ones. Mine are pink flannelette (after 50 attempts, i can't spell that) with puppies on them. Matched with fluffy pink bed socks, ugg boots and a pink dressing gown with stars on it. I'd give any 5 year old a run for their money.

Lady M said...

Ha, thanks for the trackies translation from Australian. I can usually follow, but there are always a few words that lose me. I had to check into what "trainers" were in the Harry Potter books. (Sneakers, but you probably knew that.)

Katie said...

Omg I know what you mean! It's only on the days when you're not dressed for public that you'll find yourself broken down by the side of the road, or the days when you don't shave your legs that you hurt your ankle at a busy train station! Hehe that's the way it goes and it stinks!
And PJ's are nice and comfy, at least you were wearing clothes and not seeing if you could get home before anyone saw you in your bra and undies!
...not that I've done that or anything.

Aurelius said...

Just tried to read it in Gizoogle format, and I cannae make no sense of it!

cady said...

i wear pj's out every so often...i did the other night when i had to run back out to work. at that point i really don't care. hehe. i was comfy and i wasn't changing. :)

dragonsfromkc said...

now i dont know what is going on here but why are you talking more crapper than normal. huh? my answer is because your footy team sucks and my footy team is beating you. naahaa like yeah. your blog is not allowing me to critise you - not fair. looks like ill have to check it on wednesday because you WILL leave a good comment RIGHT. good.

Lindsey said...

Wow you must have looked hot!! Also petrol=gas. hahaha Luckily being an Aussie wannabe, I totally knew what you were saying without the *. hahaha I'm just bragging now!

heidikins said...

Ok, so I have this AMAZING picture in my head of you in the kick-ass pointy-toe boots and trackies... makes me giggle. Will save for later when I need to giggle again.


Julie said...

Glad that you did not need to stop and get gas.. or breakdown on the way home.

And Thanks for the dictionary.
You know how much I need it!

Eris said...

Ah, the translation helped. I figured out trackies on my own but was a bit lost on jumper. Is it a knit garment, like a SWEATER (which is how they refer to them in England according to movies I have seen) or is it a SWEATSHIRT which is another beast entirely? One made out of thick cotten material?

At least your shoes were good.

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