Red is the new Pink.

. . . when it comes to noses, anyway.

It seems like tissues these days range from nail file texture to sandpaper texture, because my nose? Has turned a rather interesting shade of red. It matches my dry, chapped lips though, and neither is responding well to the countless applications of vaseline. Being sick is just too darned fashionable, as I've mentioned before.

And also? I was informed upon arrival to school this morning that my classroom heater? Has asploded. Meaning it's absolutely freezing in here today. Any wonders why I'm a phlegm machine. [The sound of me blowing my nose is revolting.]

Tonight I'm heading out to a focus group research session about our union here at work, thanks to my friend 'KC'. With the incentive of dinner along the way and a cash in hand payment of $75 for my trouble, I'm going to be there with bells on. I just hope they have plenty of tissues on hand, or else things could get messy.

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday, if that is actually possible.

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Kelly said...

Monday sucks.
Whether its rain, hail or shine, Monday sucks.
The best tissues ever (for me) are the Kleenex ones with the aloe vera. Fantastic. They also come in an extra large tissue... for those times when you have an endless snot train.
Don't get the eucalyptus ones. They smell great, but if you're like me, you blow your nose, and then you go to wipe your watering eyes... and well, painful.
As for the heater, rub a couple of the kidlets together (in a non-paedophilic way) and get a fire started!

Katie said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear you are sick! Make sure you get nice tissues - Kleenex is good! I find that rubbing generous amounts of Vaseline on your raw nose works wonders - sounds totally gross, but the Vaseline sinks in and helps. Just don't immediately blow your nose afterwards - it gets a bit goopy. :S

Hope your dinner is good!

janet said...

my dad is a lobbyist for a teachers' union. I wonder how alike they are between the US and there?

Lady M said...

Do you have "Puffs" brand tissues in Australia? They make a "Puffs plus Lotion" tissue that I only bring out when someone is sick. They feel slimy on ordinary days, but when your nose is tender, they are wonderful.

Julz* said...

have you seen the GIGANTIC tissues you can get? Dunno if they're nice on the nose, but they're HUGE. Great for novelty value if nothing else. May have to send you a care package :P

And have you tried using Blistex on your lips? That's all that I use these days. i used to get really really dry lips but blistex works wonders :D

Sephyroth said...

I second the suggestion to get the Kleenex with aloe vera; it's a little more pricey, but if you're sensitive to the tissue paper, or are always having to deal with nasal congestion (to use a nice way of putting it ;) ), it'll be worth it.


Virginia Gal said...

2nd the "Puffs Plus Lotion" and only bringing out for severe nose issues; at the cost they are pretty much gold compared to the regular boxes, but worth it when necessary. Also important to note that using any tissue with lotion on your glasses is an easy way to think that your vision is also going bad (not that using a regular tissue on your glasses is a good idea either). Which is, of course, cause for hysteria when your brain is slowly dripping out your nose. Ahem.

Chiada said...

I used to get seriously chapped lips every Winter, even if I wasn't sick. Then I started using Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (it's minty!) and I never have a problem with chapped lips anymore. Just a quick swipe at night before I go to bed, and a quick swipe when I wake up in the morning. Plus the tingling feeling is very cool and refreshing. :)

Lindsey said...

I think I would be a teacher, but I kind of freak out over poor, poor thing. I hope you feel better very soon!

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