The Debut of 'The List'

This is it folks, the post I know you've all been waiting for. The post that I've been harassing you for ideas about for the past few days now. The post that I've officially and lovingly dubbed "The List". Having been thrilled reading all of your lovely suggestions, I also scoured the internet for a few extra ideas, and have shoved them all together in no particular order. I've tried to be quite specific about my goals, but some of them are a little vague - but as long as it works for me.

My time limit for completing items off "The List" will be from NOW - Dec 25th, from Jase leaves to Christmas. Oh, and did I miss anything? Let me know.


Exercise at least 25 days of every month. Keep a log. (At the moment I'm doing a variety of Turbo Jam workouts, plus walking and running on my treadmill.) August: 0/31, September: 0/30, October: 0/31, November: 0/30, December: 0/25.

Have my eyelashes tinted. (I've had this done once before, and it made my pale blonde eyelashes look really pretty.)

Blog. Every day. Every SINGLE day. (I try to do this anyway, but it's always good to write it down, eh?)

Participate in NaBloPoMo. (It's pretty much a given, but yay!)

Stalk Kirby at least once a month. (We should be doing this already!) 0/5

Visit Jen at least once. (It's been way too long since I've ventured up north.)

Visit Julie at least once. (You know I want to! Road trip vs plane?)

Create a London to-do list, such as learning the areas, transport, and touristy things I will do when I'm there. (Squee, Stonehenge!)

Buy a decent suitcase. (The lighter, the better, more clothes!)

Save at least $2,000 a month until November. (That's the goal, now let's see if I can actually do it.) August: $___, September: $___, October: $___, November: $___

More Lala visits. (Just because I'm not going to BlogHer, doesn't mean I can't drink wine with bloggers, damnit.)

Clean out my room. (Obviously this will happen later on in the year, but I want to have everything I'm leaving behind stored up in boxes.)

Sell my car. (Yep. In December. It will be done.)

Learn CPR. (I've always wanted to do this.)

Buy a piece of clothing that is pink. Wear it without cringing. (Yipes.)

Visit a place near my hometown that I've never visited before. (No ideas on this one yet. Maybe head up to the Blue Mountains for a day?)

Visit Sydney and be a tourist for the day. (Any takers on coming with me?)

Enjoy a weekend away, somewhere unique. (Ahem. As above.)

Go ice skating. (Haven't done this in years. Must do this. Must not break bones.)

Send Jason at least one care package. (One in five months? Totally do-able.)

Go down a dress size. (Goes hand in hand with the exercise factor, but I'd love to finally fit into a size 14 comfortably.)

Hit 80kgs. (Mini goal one.)

Hit 75kgs. (Mini goal two.)

Hit 70 kgs. (My weight loss GOAL!)

Make a birthday present for my grandma's 80th next year. (This is extra special, since I won't be able to attend it.)

Read 20 new books. (I'm a nerd. I can do this. Suggestions, please.) 0/20

Go to a theme park. (Since there aren't any here in Sydney anymore, looks like I'll need to go to the Gold Coast. Takers?)

Learn to sew. (I can't even thread a needle. No, really.)

Learn to crochet. (My grandma does this, I wonder if she can teach me.)

Give blood. (I'm a big, giant scaredy cat.)

Learn to knit. (Is it pointless writing this down? I'm a little wary of sharp, pointy objects.)

# Experiment with cooking. (Yikes.)

Create a recipe book with new wonder-meals. (And taste-testing is absolutely part of the plan here.)

Watch at least 10 DVD boxsets. (I can absolutely do this.) 0/10

See a movie in Gold Class seating. (Lounge chairs + movies = bliss.)

Have a night out on the town with Mum. (She's always wanting me to come out.)

Have a night out on the town with friends. (Er, any takers? -puppy eyes-)

Eat at least three new Thai meals. (I always have the same old thing. Time to experiment!) 0/3

Organise a "going away" get-together and be the centre of attention. (I'm not a huge party fan, but it would be nice to have a farewell shindig.)

Have a massage. (I haven't had a proper one in years. YEARS.)

Go bowling. Maybe even disco bowling. (Right, I seriously need some friends for this one!)

See at least one live band. (Pretty self-explanatory.)

See a sports game. (Other than the occasional footy game, I rarely watch sports.)

Head to the movies alone. (Popcorn is optional.)

Start a Swear Jar. (Sometimes my mouth just gets the better of me.)

Make a new friend. (Wouldn't that be nice?)

Book my USA trip for next year. (Yes, I plan on booking it before December.)

Visit the dentist. (I'm not looking forward to this one, no sir.)

That's it for now! Feel free to comment on anything you find interesting here, or to add some more suggestions. (I'll add anything that is do-able!)

Items Added:

Learn the Thriller Dance. (Hahahaaaaaaaaa.)

Drive to Canberra. (Apparently, they have bowling there.)

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