100 Things - Or Not.

This entry draws from the inspiration of every other blog I've ever read (practically, anyway) where I have seen this done. And because I have absolutely nothing to say.

100 Things About Me You May (Or May Not) Already Know.
Er. Got tired. Amending title now.

50 Things About Me You May (Or May Not ) Already Know, With The Rest Coming Tomorrow.

1. I am turning 22 in just over a week.
2. I sometimes feel like I am 22 going on 30.
3. I hate soft pillows, and love firm pillows.
4. I am terrified of the dentist.
5. I drive past cows every morning and afternoon on my way to work.
6. I love driving at night.
7. I have really neat handwriting. Or at least, I think so.
8. I am right handed.
9. But I can also write with my left hand, especially on chalkboards.
10. I really like playing pool.
11. Except I can't really play pool.
12. I do worse in pool when people try to help me.
13. My favourite article of clothing is my dressing gown.
14. My dad hates me wearing my dressing gown!
15. Sometimes I'll put my dressing gown on even after I have my shower and get dressed.
16. I do this because it's warm and smooshy.
17. I could sit and watch my mice run around, or sleep, or do nothing, for hours.
18. I wish my chubby mouse was actually pregnant.
19. I still spend at least 30mins a day visiting Neopets.
20. I have been on Neopets for over five years.
21. If I could go anywhere right now, I would go back to France.
22. And Scotland.
23. And all of Europe, basically.
24. My favourite perfume is from Fragonard, in France.
24. It is called Eau Fantasque and you can see it here. Mmm.
25. Jason gave me my first French perfume from Fragonard.
26. It is called Lune de Miel.
27. My favourite normal perfume is DKNY: Be Delicious. It's very yummy.
28. I usually forget to wear perfume.
29. Unless I'm going out. Then I wear it.
30. I like having a perfume that not many people own.
31. My favourite concert would have to be Taxiride, in 2002.
32. I am still in love with their Garage Mahal album.
33. I went with a friend who hated them, but I didn't care and still loved it.
34. I saw them again a few months later with J. and Jen, and they weren't as good.
35. I'd love to see them again one day.
36. I also adored Matchbox 20, and we had the most amazing seats.
37. M-One was good, too.
38. I have given up on ever seeing Lifehouse live.
39. I would give both of my legs and one arm, to see the Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls concert that is touring America right now.
40. Now I am in the mood to go to a concert.
41. I prefer to write with blue pens than black pens.
42. If I had the funds, I would buy lots and lots of stationary.
43. My stomach feels like death this morning.
44. And this list is taking an awfully long time.
45. I'm going to cheat on it.
46. I think I'll make it only fifty today - and fifty tomorrow.
47. I feel much better now that I've said that.
48. It's really quite cold in my room.
49. I wish my dressing gown wasn't in the wash.
50. More to come tomorrow. I bet you're thrilled!

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