Just A Sunday

Sunday is love.

Sunday = a day of catching up.
Sunday = a day of relaxing.
Sunday = a day for me.
Sunday = enjoying being lazy.
Sunday = loving myself.

It's Sunday! And I am going to start enjoying my life, whatever it is that I'm going to do. Things always seem brighter on a Sunday (even though as I write this, the sky is overcast and grey.) It seems life has settled down.

Conversations have been had. Tears have been shed. Words have been flung. Understandings have been made. It all goes ahead. Sometimes the parts that hurt the most, shape us for the better. I feel shaped, and while I wouldn't say I feel content, I feel at ease.

So bring on this fine Sunday. And the next week. And the week after that. I will get through and damnit, I'll get through putting myself first. I'm not putting myself behind anyone. It's time for me. And it's my responsibility to do that, noone else's.

Sunday is love.

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~Kathryn~ said...

explain to your mother !!!!

Cate said...

This entry is beautiful and full of promise and possibility!

I'm glad for your contentment!


Luise said...

This is lovely. I always got down on Sunday afternoons, but this is a great slant on things. Best to you! cheers!

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