And now.. Pictures!

I love this being on holiday business.

Why can't we be paid for this? So far, I have done zero things on my "list of things to do" that I mentioned (or didn't mention?) a few posts back. But I DO have to take the bunnies to the vet tomorrow morning, in a laundry basket, since I don't have a proper travelling case for them. Wish me luck!

I have instead been spending more time outside with my babies of the animal variety, which has been nice. It's been beautiful today - sunny, but cold and windy too, nice to snuggle up with the puppies and just watch the clouds flying across the sky. I've also been instructed to try and get some nice photos of Max, since he is going to be having a portrait drawn of him one of these days.

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~MUM~ said...

awww good onya
max looks gorgeous - i hope you got lots - i gotta send them off this week !!!

Cate said...

Oh, love all of your animals, but Rusty and Max really warm my heart! So beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your holidays! xo

Tessenei said...

And Gage! Where might Mr. Gage be, Missy?

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