Today will just include a short post, because the holidays are almost over and because I still have a rather large amount of television to watch.

But, oh faithful blog readers, I just had to tell you my newest pet addition! I'm now a momma of three baby girl mice! When I say baby, I don't mean no fur or eyes closed or anything like that, but they are quite young and small. And very adorable. The smell of sawdust and fur is so lovely, it reminds me of when I was younger and we had pet mice then.

I don't understand why people are afraid of mice. Pet ones, anyhow. Yes, wild mice with diseases can be sort of creepy, but pet mice? They're lovely!

I have not taken any pictures yet, because the mice wouldn't stop moving so all I got was blur. But I will endeavour to keep trying. I sort of have a favourite (bad, isn't it?), but she's only a favourite because she is the tamest out of the three - as in, she will come straight into your hand and usually let you pick her up fastest. She's tiny, and she's black and white speckled. I also have a plain black mouse, with a black tail with a white tip. And lastly, I have a beautiful tan mouse, who is a big bigger than the other two girls, and has the most lovely black/brown eyes. She's very nervous though - and mum has predicted she's pregnant, since she looks round. I can't decide if she's just fat, though. It's hard to tell, even though I spent the afternoon looking up websites.

Oh, er, and they sort of aren't just for me. I bought them to use in the classroom, as pets. I'm going to talk to the kids about them on the first day there, and decide if it's appopriate. I don't want any of my kids freaking out or behind afraid or anything. I'll just gradually introduce them and see how it goes. They'll stay in my storeroom (all opened, not enclosed) overnight, I can change their food and water before school starts, and bring them home with me on weekends. Or with the kids too, whichever works. I haven't named them either (they're all chooks to me) because I thought the class might want to do that.

I love animals!

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