This would be fun!

I'm in a restless mood and feel like getting out there and experiencing some shows or concerts, or anything.

I believe I can blame this on my mother, who this morning informed me that Chris Isaak (swoon!) was going to be touring Australia this year - to which I certainly must attend.

The search for Sydney tour dates came up fruitless as yet, although I did end up searching through Ticketek for a long time, checking out all of the upcoming concerts. U2 are planning a concert, although it's unconfirmed - I'm just imagining the prices on those tickets, though. Not too many bands that take my interest, although Kirby, if you read this, did you know Jason Mraz is going to be at the Enmore? (I'm sure it was Kirby who loved Jason Mraz, over John Mayer, gasp.)

I did find one thing that looks interesting, although it's not in Sydney, it's in Newcastle. Not that far, I could do it in a drive without too much fuss, although it's in the first few weeks of school starting back. It's called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). I am sure I've heard of this before, but reading the information for it decided that I'd sort of like to go see it.

Basically, it's theatre/comedy, where in 2 hours, the actors summarise every single Shakespeare play. I'm not a dork, but I've read my fair share of Shakespeare, and I think it would be hilarious! I don't suppose anyone would be interested in going with me? I think J. would just stare at me blankly if I suggested we go, I rather doubt an evening of Shakespeare is on his top list of weekend things to do.

And as follow up to last post, Enn, I would gladly like to play Monopoly with you! Next time we come visit, you're on! Kathy - I cannot wait to go shopping and claim board game after board game.. for the kids, yes, of course! I have $70 of money given from the school P&C to spend on teaching supplies. Board games were on that list, as I'm tired of having not many things to do with the kids when they're stuck inside on rainy days. I'll have to check out those games you mentioned!

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cody said...

the complete works abridges is rather amusing :)

one play in particular receives a great deal of attention and some plays receive very little...but it's good fun :)

Stefi said...

Hey! Thanks for passing by my blog!
Miss you tooooo!
But we'll meet soon!

Mmm... I want to go to a concert too... Maybe something will be on in Sept? At least I hope so!
Meanwhile, I'll go with the Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows...
Bloody expensive, but I'm sure it's worth!

Love chicka! :)

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