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I was overwhelmed by the number of questions I was asked. Really overwhelmed.

Therefore, I'll just you know, have to ration how many responses I include in this first post. I don't want to be too overzealous and all. *insert filthy look here* Actually, I recieved a whopping two questions (one of those from my MOTHER! Heh!). I'm therefore leaving the "Ask me Anything" post open. And IF YOU ARE FEELING NICE AND POLITE AND FRIENDLY, you'll ask one. Hoorah!

Now, to respond to the two lovely individuals who DO read this blog. Amazing!

Nutter Scott wrote;

Is this the beginning of a new school year? If so, how are the new bunch of kid-lings going to benefit from your first year of teaching experience?

Nope, this isn't the beginning of the school year. Here in Sydney, our year starts in late January and ends in early-mid December. We have four terms, with two week holidays in between each term to give the kids *cough, the teacher, cough* a break. The biggest holiday is across our summer period, at Christmas-time.

So really, I'm only mid-way through my first year! I still like your question, but I'll alter it a slight bit. Luckily, it seems as though I'll be staying on my "old" class for the term (at least, as far as I know anyway - I am temporary, so the arrangements may change sometime); so I'll have my same lovely group of darlings.

We've just gotten through the hardest part, with reports and parent-teacher interviews and all that jazz. Now it's time to start the term with some new topics, brand new ideas and the rest. So far, I'm doing work on Growing and Changing, Physical Education, Child Protection and probably mice. Er, because I'll be introducing the new class pets sometime this week!

I think the kids will manage well, after us all falling into a routine over the past two terms. They know my expectations (high, high, but not too high!) and my "boundaries" - although I hate putting it that way, but more importantly, I know them. I'm excited to just leave some of the reporting behind and get on with the fun stuff, teaching. I'm still learning, so are they, so it's a good partnership. When I think about it, I'm amazed that I enjoy it so much, as tiring as it is. I think it'll help me with my own kids one day, should that day ever arrive!

Kathryn aka Wonder Mother wrote;

Why do children/teenagers/young adults living at home, never pick up after themselves, even though they have been taught from a young age to do so ????? ;-)

Well, mother dearest.

I was mildly horrified to think you were referring to me in the above question, however after seeking clarification and having my ego soothed, I must now tell the blogging world that you WERE INDEED talking about your other child; The boy! The stinky boy with the stinky boy room! Fabulous.

And to answer your question, I have absolutely no idea! Laziness, I dare say? Perhaps a boy thing? I think that same fault also applies to "leaving the bathroom a complete and utter disaster after the sister has just cleaned it", "using the sister's toothbrush - ack", "using the sister's shampoo - grr", anything along those lines. I highly recommend you kick him out of your house immediately and focus your attentions on your other child. I've heard she loves you, very much.

Please be advised that the above comments were mainly made in jest. (Although of course females do not leave things lying around. Ever. Nope. Not at all.)

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