Would, Could, Should

I could write this post in a very predictable way.

It would be so predictable however, that I already know exactly what I would say. I already know what the sort of comments would be like, should there be any. And I already know that whatever I write will most likely end up in disappointment anyway. Therefore, the Post Who Shall Not Be Named will stay buried in my mind for the time being. Being rather cryptic today, aren't I?

Instead, I sit here and ponder what to write about today.

I could write about the dream I had last night. The dream where my grandmother went missing. The dream where a set of tollgates flooded. The dream where I ended up shaving a male stranger's face. Though since the scrambled dream means nothing to me, I would not go very far trying to analyse it. I definately need to find someone who can unclutter my dreams for me. I always seem to remember them quite vividly, not that they make any sense to me.

I could write about today being the first day of school holidays. The first day of being relaxed and calm and de-stressed. The first day of looking after myself a little more and taking time to do things I need to catch up on. The first day of solitude!

I could write about the things that I *should* be doing, but that I am putting off. Things that include visiting the dentist and getting the (probably several) fillings that I need. Things that include visiting the optometrist, checking my eye prescriptions, getting new contact lenses and finding information on laser surgery. Things that include taking my two rabbits to the vet to get their injections and first check-ups - although how I'm going to manage those two girls by myself is beyond me.

Will I talk about those things?

I sort of already did.

Rather, I'd like to go away from the computer, away from this blog, and outside to begin my holidays. First job? Spending some time with my beautiful babies. Gage. Max. Rusty. Bella. Lucy.

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Tasmiya said...

Go! Go! Enjoy your holidays! We have less than a week left before my 5 year old goes back to school and are amazed at how the time just flies.We are NOT looking forward to going back. Have fun :)

Kamsin said...

I'm so jealous. I started the first day of the busiest teaching period today (I teach EFL, so lots of students who are on their hols arrived to learn English)! I am so tired and I none of the weeks lessons are planned and it's only the beginning of July! Maybe I'll get a holiday early Sept.! Anyway, why not forget about all the stuff you need to do for a few days and just enjoy being you! Happy Hols!

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