Bad Typepad

Typepad is NOT allowed to go changing on me like that!

I just got completely lost when I opened the Typepad homepage. Took me four months to get used to it, and then Boom! Changed! Gah! Now I can't stalk the "Recently Updated Weblogs" page as well as I used to be able to. I still find it amazing that I can waste hours upon hours searching from one random blog, to their links, to their mate's blog, who links to this other great blog and .. yes, I could go on.

So. I found out yesterday when I got my pay slip that I had not been paid for the first fortnight of the current term. Of course I freaked out, so emailed the "pay people" (for lack of a better term) and they told me that I was currently not registered as having any temporary work anymore. They also informed me that I have to get my principal to re-send them information, about when I started and when my next end date is.

That meant, I had to find out when my actual next end date is.

Because I have no idea.

I just sort of turned up on the first day back hoping I still had a job there. And no-one shot me confused looks or asked what I was doing, so all seemed well.

Caught up with the principal today, who told me that he had basically completely forgot about me (ha!) and that he'd fix it all up. He also still didn't give me an end date! I just want to be there until the end of year (longer if all goes well, I am so comfortable there now) because if I work for Term 4, I think I'll get paid over the Christmas holidays - which is five weeks or something!

So. That is being fixed up sometime soon I hope. I don't mind when, seeing as the next pay fortnight is not for another fortnight anyway, so I can live until then. Luckily I have some money stashed, I'll just have to pay board late. (Sorry, momma!)

In other news.

I held my first Neucombeball practice today and I survived! There are a couple of "handful" kids in there, but most are great. They were pretty patient with me too, so I'll tag along on Friday and hopefully I'll be set to take over by next week. Scary but fun. Aly taking sport? My, My, My!

Not much else to say, so on that note.. adieu!

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