First Visit

My girls had their first visit to the vet today.

I was so nervous. More nervous than they were, I expect. It wasn't looking good when they both refused to come out of the hutch. I had to bribe them with carrots. Finally got Lucy out, had her in the washing basket - which she promptly tipped over and escaped from, leaving me in a panic praying that she wouldn't get eaten by the dogs. She also broke said washing basket. After about fifteen minutes of manouevering (accompanied by loud cursing) I had them both out. I wish I had thought to take pictures, but I was too scared of them running for the hills if I turned away.

I had arranged for mum to come with me so that I could hold the rabbits while she drove. But I didn't count on her driving my car! I am so paranoid, I always think people are going to somehow ruin it. I must say, she drove it well. Me and my babies - gah. Not impressed by the grass on the floor though, after I just vacuumed it the other day. I digress. I sat in the backseat with the buns, and Bella was actually pretty calm; she came to me to lie on my arm. Lucy on the other hand, just flopped. I had to poke her a few times to make sure she was still alright, she went into a sort of trance.

Got to the vet, got sidetracked by the Cat Adoption Centre they had there ("But WHY can't we get that cat? He's so cute! He's looking right at us! He needs rescuing. Cats are clean! We can keep him inside! How can you say no? Aw. I want a cat.") and eventually brought the girls in. Bella weighs just over 2kgs and Lucy isn't far behind. Not bad for a supposed dwarf lop. *rolls eyes*

The vet was lovely, she was just temping there but seemed to know her rabbits quite well. I got Lucy up on the table first because she was looking a bit worried. The vet checked her teeth, her heart rate, her temperature (!), gave her a vaccination and then trimmed her claws for me. Surprisingly, Lucy was quite calm through it all, even the rectal. Brave girl! She then promptly scared me by flopping again as soon as she was back inside the washing basket.

Bella I left until last because I was worried about her, but she was amazing. I could not get over the fact that she was calm and snuggly with me practically the whole time. The only time she freaked out was when the vet tried to turn her on her back to trim her back claws, she doesn't like being on her back. We managed to do it sideways though. But other than that, she was wonderful. She even snuggled with me on the way home, too.

I was very happy too. The whole visit, including the good checkup and shots only cost me just over $60. I was worried about Lucy on the way home, she looked so vacant, but when I put them back in their hutch just now, Bella went to work snuggling in and grooming her, so here's hoping they'll be alright.

I AM A GOOD RABBIT MOMMA. The vet said that the girls are in excellent health,
and that it can be quite hard to take care of bunnies properly. I am proud. And also paranoid, wanting to check up on the girls every five minutes to see if they are still doing okay.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore these rabbits?

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~Kathryn~ said...

lol - have you looked at my blog today

all i can say is SNAP ROFLMAO

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