Sunday Scribblings: My 2 Cents

I've never been one to jump right in and share my opinions freely with others.

With friends, yes, absolutely, possibly too much, but with strangers? I tend to passively observe rather than submit my thoughts to them. Alternatively, I find it strange when individuals provide me with their own 2 cents worth - especially those people who don't know me.

It has always amazed me watching those people who are comfortable getting close to other new acquaintances. The sort who can offer advice and words of wisdom, without even giving it a thought. Whose nature is just to throw themselves heart and soul into this other persons life, come what may.

I sometimes wish I could be like that.

Although on the other hand, sometimes I am glad I am not.

My personality is different. I prefer to watch people first. To look, to observe, to try and puzzle out their quirks, their backgrounds, what makes them tick. To attempt to at least know them, before I offer my own suggestions.

I'd like to think I'm a fix-er.
I've always wanted to be a fix-er.
And I get quite miserable when I'm faced with a problem that I can't fix.

Sometimes, my 2 cents do not even matter. Sometimes, I can learn as much as I possibly can about a person, but it still doesn't help me. Sometimes, people simply do not want my 2 cents. And that is fine.

This year, I've been privileged to be in a position of power. It may not seem like a powerful career in the grand scheme of business and the like, but teaching is one heck of a power trip.

I am seen as the power figure of twenty-six children. These are children that could change the world one day. Scratch that. These are children that WILL change the world one day.

I need to make sure that my 2 cents are not all that they hear. They need to create their own 2 cents. They need to develop their own ideas, their own opinions, their own selves.

And you know what?

Twenty-six x 2c = Half a dollar. Just imagine the possibilities.

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