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In a random act of splurging, I bought..

The original Chronicles of Narnia DVD (1988). I'm not talking the recent movie that was made (even though I did enjoy that one.) I'm talking the original BBC version - the one that I grew up with. I've been a big reader ever since I was little, and one of my favourite books was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It didn't hurt that we had the film taped from television, also. My brother and I BOTH loved it to pieces, and even to this day if we hear the score of it playing we know instantly what it is.

The DVD has The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, obviously. It also has Voyage of the Dawn Treasure, Prince Caspian and the Silver Chair. Now I have a giant compilation of the Narnia Chronicles as a book, so I am familiar with the stories - but I have never heard of the film versions of the latter three books! I can't expand upon those yet since I haven't seen them, but give me a few more days of relaxing (or heck, even just by tonight, since I can't imagine going outside to wash my car in inches-thick-fog. and I might be able to give you a rundown.

So, the kids aren't as cute as the new movie. But, I adore the actors in the BBC version. Peter and Susan fit well to their characters in the book, Edmund is the perfect little brat, and you just can't help but love Lucy in all of her buck-toothed, slightly chubby glory. Aslan is gorgeous (mighty soft and toy looking) but he was never meant to look rough and scary anyhow. I think the White Witch is fabulous, her booming voice is rather scary. The beavers are gorgeous. What's not to love? (Except the pretty average battle scene where the cartoon animations are fighting too, dear oh dear.)

Regardless, it fits the book well, even if it does drone on for almost three hours. It is split into "Episodes" though, seeing as it was made for a television mini-series, so it gives you lots of bathroom and snack breaks without having to pause the dvd. Put it this way; it's made me want to drag out my C.S. Lewis compilation again!

The whole film brings me to wonder;

Wouldn't it be nice if there really were a world that existed? Now, we don't exactly have wardrobes like the Pevensies walked into (darn modern houses and their built in cupboards!) but I'm sure I could walk into our linen closet or our laundry closet and make do.

I adore the classics. I'm so glad that I bought this DVD - to remind me of the Narnia I grew up believing in, not the modern version. If you haven't ever seen the BBC version, I suggest watching it. It's old, yes, but it's really wonderful, and the characters are so much more believable. It might be because they were the first ones that I knew, but honestly - it's great. You might even find yourself having a giggle at the completely obviously cartoon-animated magical creatures that you spot! Hey, I think it was made in the 80's, give them a break!

I am off now to wish my day away and keep on enjoying my holiday.

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Cate said...

I remember seeing a cartoon version of this when I was little (of course, that was a long time ago--I'm a bit older than you! WAIT--just looked it up: it was 1979). I recall it being terrifying and exciting and moving. I love that book.

If I ever have the chance to view the BBC version, I'll do it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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