Another Big Milestone. (100!)

Can you believe I have finally hit 100 posts? How amazing!

When I first started this blogging gig, I did it for myself. I've always written in online journals, but I've been pretty blase about them. My scatterbrain always forgets to update, or leaves it abandoned for long periods at a time - but I always find my way back eventually.

This blog is different though. From the moment I created it, I made myself a promise to use it wisely. (Now I have that Simpsons/Star Wars line in my head: "Use the Fork.. Use the Fork!") I felt that updating it daily was a goal I wanted to maintain. I felt that my teaching career was something worthwhile to blog about, and possibly even something that is interesting to others.

But mainly? I wanted this blog to be something I looked back on in a year, five years, whenever, to read about me. My sarcasm. My peeves. My loves. And all that jazz.

Throw in finding amazing websites like Sunday Scribblings, with prompts that I spend my week looking forward to writing, and there is a blog that I truly do enjoy updating and sharing with the big, bad internet.

Not wanting to sound like an Academy Award winner or anything (cue the cheese!) thankyou to those people who read my ramblings. Thankyou to those wonderful friends who I visit every day, and who in turn visit me too. Thankyou for everyone who has ever done a search for "Black Fingernails, Red Wine!" (alas, still no comments!) and ended up here. Thankyou to every Sunday Scribblings participant, whose stories have made me want to share my own. Thankyou to every random commentor, who has shared their thoughts with me.


(Now pretend that this was actually the 100th post, seeing as I got over-excited last night and ended up posting my 2 cents entry instead. Hoorah!)

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