What Holidays?

I can't possibly have just had two weeks off, yet still feel so tired?

Third day back at school and I. Am. Exhausted! My darlings are all fine and well-recovered from the holidays, and I swear have grown even taller across two weeks. No pauses, we jumped right back into work yesterday; they remembered their routines and have settled in again which is nice.

D the tantrum-thrower was very cute, but then had a moment (as always) just before I went on RFF duty, so nice to see he still knows how to kick his shoes and socks halfway across the room. It's a talent, I suppose, I probably couldn't do it that far.

Today, the whole school belatedly celebrated Naidoc Day 2006. We have a high population of Koori children at the school, and I'm really happy to say that it is a VERY multi-cultural environment, so it was great fun. The day was spent in groups, with ages ranging from Preschool to Year 6. We got to do the following activities across the day; painting, weaving, an artefacts talk, dancing, hearing stories and a bush-tucker talk. I found it all informative and fun myself, and I wasn't even the student! Thought it would be a nice day to relax (no planning! no classes! hoorah!) but I am even more tired today than yesterday.

But just think; as of tomorrow, only one more day and Week 1 will already be over and done with. Crazy!

Tomorrow, I'm bringing the pet mice! Fun times. I've already cleaned their cage out all nicely, have some food packed up, some spare Cheerios for them to nibble on, all set. Let's hope the kids don't get frightened (they were all really keen, but you never know..) and that the mice don't freak out too!

Speaking of the mice, it appears that my cute little tan mouse who I assumed (wanted) to be pregnant, is just chubby. Her belly hasn't gotten to the golf-ball like state that I was expecting, so looks like I'm happy with just the three. That is all. (I really hope I'm right, and am not greeted by a handful of mice babies one morning when I get to school!)

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