It feels like it's my birthday already.

We are going out for dinner tonight (Sunday) since it fits in with everyone's timetable, I've gotten a couple of presents early and on Neopets, I've also been spoiled early. Maybe because the actual birthday itself is on a Monday and I'll be working, it's sort of lost a bit of interest this year.

Okay. I'm ending the whole "world revolves around me" thing right now!

After the dismal day on Friday, he brought the presents around early to cheer me up. His parents gave me some gorgeous Body Shop products all wrapped up. My favourite smells too; Mango and Papaya. Mmm. It came with Mango Body Butter, some Papaya and Mango soaps, these neat exfoliating gloves, and my favourite body wash smells; Papaya and more Mango!

Anyone who knows me, knows that the Body Shop is a weakness of mine. If I could, I'd get all of their stuff. I've always wanted to try their skincare things too, except it's a wee bit out of my price range.

Jason bought me a beautiful pair of earrings. I love how well he knows me. They are white gold, and sort of long - with flecks of diamond sparkles mixed in (no, not diamond solitaire bits or anything, rofl, but just flashes.) They are unusual, and not something I would buy for myself; that in itself is a good birthday present,  it's what a present should be. Something that suits the person, but is something that they would not buy themselves. I love them.

And tomorrow, I'll be a year old. Wiser? I don't know, you will have to be the judge of that. I certainly don't feel any different. Who knows. Maybe this time next year, I will have moved out of home, moved overseas...? Only time will tell!

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