Nothing like shopping on the run.

Boots, Boots, Glorious Boots!

Since yesterday was Thursday, and since Thursday equals late night shopping, and since I haven't gone shopping in an awfully long time, and since my mother was also going to shops, and since -- yep, you get the idea. Long story short? Mum and I went shopping yesterday.

Sounds nice and relaxing, ambling through stores, checking out windows, trying on clothes, blah blah blah.

No, not this shopping trip. We had to be home by 6pm (mum was going out to dinner) and by the time we got to the shops it was 4.30pm! Shopping on a time limit = really, really hard. And quite impossible.

My goals for the mission? Pick up my contact lenses, and buy a new plastic mouse wheel. Mum's goals? Visit the new Spotlight craft store. Er. First we bought boots. $19 brown knee-high boots that are really lovely. Then we went to Spotlight. Where my feet hurt from the hard floor, and the weird register girl took about twenty minutes to scan through all of mum's scrapbooking supplies.

Then we went into Rivers (where I found the most beautiful dressy ankle boots, which of course they didn't have in my size). Mum found this other black pair of knee high boots with a taller heel, but she didn't like the angle, so I tried them on.. and fell in love. So I am now a proud owner of two pairs of knee highs, (definately not F-M-Boots - and no, I won't explain what that is if you don't know!) THAT DO UP ALL THE WAY! Yes!

After this sidetracking visit, we were late. I ran into OPSM and picked up my contacts, then wandered off into Crossroads where I got two really cheap casual tops. Then we drove home. Fast. Because mum was late. And we were done.

I never did get that mouse wheel.

(P.S. Today, we named our mice. The black and white one is Penny. The black one is Sally. The tan one is Katy.)

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