Right, those other 50 things.

... Nothing to say here, folks.

Continued from the day before yesterday ...

51. I totally forgot all about doing this list yesterday.
52. And I'm only doing it now because I have nothing else to talk about.
53. I ate hot chips today and a cupcake.
54. The cupcake was only 3-4 points, but the hot chips were worth about 6.
55. I don't feel guilty.
56. Because I've been really good with this lifestyle thing for the last 3.5 weeks.
57. I'll just be extra wonderful tomorrow.
58. Today my boobs looked bigger than normal.
59. That probably grossed you out.
60. Why would they look bigger?
61. Now I'm looking at my boobs.
62. I got an extra hour of RFF (relief from face to face) teaching today. It was grand.
63. I wish we had an hour off class every day.
64. We are going to be growing seedlings this term.
65. I have absolutely no idea how to grow seedlings in a classroom.
66. I vaguely remember using egg cartons, cotton wool and water?
67. I'm embarrassed I have forgotten how to grow seedlings.
68. I got cranky when I drove home today.
69. Because someone parked in my car space at home.
70. And because parents were letting their small children run around in the street.
71. I hate it when small children run around in the street.
72. With noone watching them.
73. Kicking balls near my car.
74. I am paranoid that a ball will hit my car.
75. My car needs a wash.
76. I am taking Seniors Neucomball tomorrow (and for the rest of the year) and I am petrified.
77. It will be fun though.
78. J. left a jumper here a few weeks ago and I haven't remembered to give it back to him yet.
79. I occassionally sniff it, because it smells like him.
80. Does that make me totally disgusting?
81. I love J.
82. I think I should just get over using letters for his name, because everyone already knows his name anyway.
83. His name is Jason.
84. I finally finished watching Dawson's Creek Season 4.
85. Now I'm watching Dawson's Creek Season 5.
86. I put up an Amazon Wishlist even though I live in Australia and noone will ever use it.
87. But it's fun making wishlists.
88. I have a baby shower to go to in August but I don't really want to go.
89. I probably will anyway.
90. I spent $40 yesterday on two stamps and lots of stickers.
91. And then found out that they stuffed up my pay this fortnight and I have no money.
92. Did I mention next week is August?
93. And I have board to pay?
94. Oh dear.
95. I'm running out of interesting (!!) things to write.
96. I am worried that my friend Hana is still in Lebanon.
97. I haven't emailed her yet.
98. I'm going to email her now.
99. Yikes, I almost mis-clicked and wiped this whole post!

100 !!!

Bye-Bye. Wow, is it sad that I just figured out how to change the font size? Hoorah!

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