Sunday Scribblings: Thief!

I think we have all been a thief at some point in our lives.

Even if it is not in the most "conventional" of ways, we've been there. Perhaps we have not gone so far as robbing a bank or stealing a car, but we can be thieves in all sorts of avenues.

I thought long and hard about this prompt, and one thought kept coming back to me.

The idea of being a thief -- to myself. Of being solely responsible for robbing myself of experiences. Of stealing away from the moments that I "should" have had.

It sounds unusual (and possibly doesn't make sense) but I think we can be our own worst enemies. Every time we shy away from something that intimidates us or challenges us, we are robbing ourselves. Every time we stick to the familiar and known, we are robbing ourselves. Every time we run from change, we are robbing ourselves.

I know for a fact that I have done this. Perhaps it is because I have felt uncomfortable stepping outside my comfort zone. Perhaps it is all to do with feelings of self consciousness. I can't say. But all that I do know is that looking back, I realise that I have indeed been a thief.

Do you think that one day, years down the track I will awaken and wonder "What If...?"

What If... I had done this?
What If... I had done that?
What If... I could have done this differently?

But as I write this, I am enlightened. Life isn't meant to be full of the "What If's..." It's all about the "What Next..." And that's what I'm looking forward to now.

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