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This is a post to all of you Eskimo Joe and Stabilo fans out there.

Yes, you. The people who keep ending up here from doing countless Google seaches. The people searching for lyrics, and for meanings behind song lyrics and all the rest. Without being able to scroll back through a pretty big number of page view statistics, I can guess to say that probably 20% of my page views come from you! Oh, how I wish you would comment!

Those unfortunate people who end up at this blog, seeking answers to these important questions, yet are instead greeted with the ramblings of moi. My apologies. This is a post for you.

I will start with Stabilo, because I am still very, very addicted to Flawed Design (click click and you shall find lyrics). And now, to draw those same very people into this blog again, here is a quick excerpt. I am writing for an audience, you see.

Now, I'm having trouble differentiating
between what I want and what I need
to make me happy.
So instead of thinking I just stop
before I have the chance to contemplate the
consequences of action.

'Cuz I lie, not because I want to,
But I seem to need to all the time,
Yeah, I lie and I don't even know it;
Maybe this is all a part of my flawed design.

Now. The song is called Flawed Design by Stabilo. It is featured on the album Happiness And Disaster. I google-searched "What does Flawed Design by Stabilo mean?" (and find it amusing to see my blog ranked seventh from the top, teehee) and came up with this nifty number from's album review.

"The rockier first single
"Flawed Design" showcases the lads' clever lyrics via a track that
describes the type of internal dialogue that would run through the head
of an emotional manipulator

For more information, here is the band's official website.

And now, on to Eskimo Joe. This particular song gets more page hits than any other lyric, possibly because it is so new and possibly because most people (like myself) couldn't understand what the words were, and what the meaning behind the song was. I know the words now, but I still don't know the actual meanings, BUT the drum beat and musical parts of the song are what draws me in. I can't listen to it without tapping my foot (and sometimes head) along to the music. Anywho. The song is Black Fingernails, Red Wine (also with lyrics - hoorah!). Again, I shall provide some shortened lyrics.

Black fingernails, red wine - I wanna make you, all mine.
A lot of people, under ground
You wanna get there, you gotta go straight down

There?s a culture, everywhere
- Smoke clouds, hang in the air

So loud, can?t hear you talk

You and I, should take a walk downtown

The argument over God continues, in this house
All of us stand and point our fingers, at the ground

The argument overall continues, in this house
All of us stand and point our fingers, straight down.

Now. The song is called Black Fingernails Red Wine and it is performed by Eskimo Joe. Yes, they are an Australian band, and yes, this song is from their new album, also called Black Fingernails Red Wine. This time, I google-searched "What does Black Fingernails Red Wine by Eskimo Joe mean?" (and ooh, there I am at number four!) and it seems as though most people don't really have a clue as to what it means. Er, right here is an excerpt from a band member, explaining where the song came from.

"In all honesty I was playing a solo show and I
went to take a wee," laughs Eskimo Joe's vocalist/bassist Kav
Temperley. "That's where my best ideas come from, because I'm totally
stuck in that one moment in time and can't run away and write it down. "So, I'd painted my fingernails black and was drinking red wine, I
went for a wee and was just humming along in my head, all tipsy,
(sings, in a more rock fashion) 'black fingernails? red wine? I wanna
make you? all mine' (laughs). Then the next day I sat down and got
serious about it and wrote a proper song."

So, there you have it. He found his inspiration while peeing. Lovely! This is the official Eskimo Joe website.

Did you find this useful? Mildly amusing? Completely horrid? Leave me a comment and I shall not whine again, promise. For everyone else who reads this blog, I still think you should download these two songs, they are both pretty good.

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