Some days at school are just plain scary. Really, they are.

Today saw our school in lockdown, again. This time it was because of one girl deciding to play hide and seek (deliberately) with teachers running in and out of buildings. After refusing to go back to her classroom, she then scurried outside to frolic around in the quad - and as soon as she left the building, we were put on lockdown.

It sounds quite scary, but basically it's just locking our wings. The school is shaped with long corridors, with about five classrooms stretched down one wing. My classroom this year is on the closest end of the wing to the door, so I generally have to be the wing unlocker, if we go into lockdown.

After we had all locked up? The charming student then went and found herself a big tree branch and proceeded to whack our back doors. (The rear of every classroom is three giant glass sliding doors, no curtains.) Each classroom had a good ten minutes of whacking, until she got bored and moved along to the next one.

I thought our glass was going to be cracked, or shattered.

Do you know how hard it is to keep twenty kids pretending not to see the antics going on right next to them? The kids all did so well though (bar one, grr, just does not listen). Practically all of them understood me when I said we weren't to watch her, she was being very silly. So on we went with our cutting and weaving, blissfully ignorant of the drama outside.

Things like this never happened when I was in primary school.

But on a lighter note, today some things happened that made me truly appreciate where I was. Firstly, D. wrote me a letter. This itself is an amazing thing, seeing as he has the attention span of a flea, but in it he wrote how much he liked to learn with me. -insert swoons here-

And secondly, E. told me she was going to be away on Monday, so she brought me a present early because she'd miss my birthday. Looked like things from her home too, a cute toy flower and a slightly old (and well-loved) little jewelery holder.

How much do I adore these kids?

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