It's the little things..

That make life so wonderful.

Now you know me. I'm hardly the worlds most cheerful person, although I can be on the rare occassion. But it really is all about the little things that people do to make you feel good. Today was a really, really awesome birthday.

Earrings you adore, but would never buy yourself? Amazing.
Stationary that you completely adore? Amazing.
Window-tinting for your new car? Amazing.
Having kindergarten serenade you for your birthday? Amazing.
Having the WHOLE SCHOOL sing to you at assembly? Amazing.
Having a friend at school buy you a card herself? Amazing.
People spoiling you rotten on Neopets. Amazing.
The random emails I got from birthday remember-ers. Amazing.
The random texts I got from birthday remember-ers. Amazing.

This birthday has been awesome. And I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing family, some beautiful friends (on and offline) and a job that is so darned gorgeous. Love and warm fuzzies to all.

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