And You Thought You Knew Me

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me.

1. I swear. An awful lot. Yes, you may see some of that reflected in this blog but in real life? Even more so. What is interesting is that my brain automatically switches to teacher mode when I'm at work. I think I've had one time where I nearly bellowed out a Sugar Honey Iced Tea (hee!) but that was only when I slammed my finger in my desk drawer, and luckily my brain was awake that day. What is also interesting? Jason rarely swears, at all.

2. I'm a very fussy eater. I don't eat seafood, not even fish. I don't eat tomatoes. I don't like a lot of green vegetables, and get told I act like a little kid when I'm choosing meals. I also pick sultanas (or raisins, whatever floats your boat) out of cereals, breads and cakes. Hmm. What else? Oh, right - I didn't like strawberries or kiwi fruit or other fruit with seeds, but I think that was just because of the seeds. I've been trying to be better with that, because I generally really love eating fruit. Basically? I'm fussy. Deal with it.

3. I have the palest skin in the history of the world. I once got so badly sunburned on my back that the peeling caused my skin to bubble, and it has never smoothed out again. Gross! Because of coaching my sports team every Friday at school, my arms have started to go a little brown, leaving me with nice pale key chain marks and t-shirt marks. I'd prefer to be pale all over again, thanks.

4. I don't wear gold jewellery. I never have worn gold jewellery. I never will wear gold jewellery. Unless we're talking white gold, in that case; you buy it, I wear it. Nice and easy. Seriously though, ever since I was a little girl I always preferred silver. Maybe because I was so pale, maybe because that's what mum wore, I don't know. I'm definitely a silver kind of gal.

5. I would prefer to be at home reading a book than at a social party mingling with people I don't know. I don't do social outings very often OR very well. I do read well, though. My secret ambition is to be an author one day, but with the way I procrastinate? I think I'd better aim for short children's books.. and learn to draw. I cannot draw to save my life.

I'm tagging anyone who is struggling for NaBloPoMo ideas for this one. Consider it a gift from ME to YOU. Especially the randomiser visitors, who are lurking these days. Come out, come out, wherever you are..

22 down; 8 to go!

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30andflirty said...

It's no wonder we're friends! We sound a lot alike. I'm a total fussy eater, pale, and curse like a sailor. I tan though to get rid of the pale. LOL

I feel like I've been missing out on everyone's blogs with this whole new job thing! ack!


Horrible Warning said...

LOL, I think Aimee and I are friends for the very same reason...I was just thinking that you sounded like me, too, with the pale and the picky and the white gold (although I do own yellow...I just don't wear it).

Oh, and the cussing? Um yeah, fuck, I have a foul mouth!

kari said...

so, i don't really swear, but the other four i'm totally with you. ridiculously picky eater, pasty pale like you wouldn't believe, love silver and hate yellow gold, and a tried-and-true homebody at heart.

what do you think - twins, seperated at birth? ;)

Viviane said...

I always wear silver jewelry too. It goes better for me, because my hair and gold make no contrast. It would be too much gold so I stick with silver. I would totally wear white gold too. Same rule applies to me there. :p It's so expensive.

Teacher Jane said...

I swear a fair amount as well. Today, I actually DID let "shit" slip in class. We were talking about slave owners, and I wanted to get my point across that they had a ton of cash. My brain just couldn't come up with a synonym for "shitload of money" before my mouth blurted it out.

At least I've got older kids. Cursing doesn't make me look bad so much as it ensures that they might actually remember something.

Jen said...

I knew all of that, gosh.

Your key chain/neck hanger thing tan is quite tanned. I wonder if you lay outside all the time, would all of you be like that? I can't imagine a tanned Aly.

I have Dove Summer Glow on, yay fake tan ;)

kirby said...

Dear Alynda,
I was quite aware of your swearing.
I like it. Gives you balls.
fuck yeah.

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