Lightning Rod of Hate

A couple of days ago, I was eating dinner with my parents. At eating time, you'll usually find us with our plates on trays, sitting in the aptly-named family room, watching television. Almost sounds like a stereotypical American family eating tee-vee dinners, except that we're not American and we usually cook. Anyway. Moving on.

The show which generally happens to be featured during our standard eating time is the old "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" skits. Which I absolutely adore, and could watch over and over and over again. I'm secretly in love with Wayne, Colin makes me smile and Ryan is just a big ol' smartass. It's also amusing seeing the different seasons of the show - hey look! Fat Drew! Skinny Drew! Fat! Skinny! Whee!

But, back to the other night.

We caught an episode where the gang were teasing Colin over his baldness. Again. He was just taking it all in, being very mellow, and then came out with the expression; "Lightning Rod of Hate!" Of course, it was used a couple of times in that episode, and had me giggling every time it happened. Especially since he also did a funky sort of wiggle with it, as if being zapped by electricity. Funny.

I've been a walking ball of hatefulness lately. People piss me off. Cruel idiots piss me off. The kidlets have been known to piss me off. Having no money tends to piss me off. I'm just a walking, talking pissed-off sheila. But since I have this blog to whine too, I'm not doing so badly.

So, I thought I'd do you a favour today.

I'm going to be YOUR Lightning Rod of Hate!

Feel free to bitch, moan, insult, whine, cry, stomp on (gently, please) or just plain moan to me, about anything that's on your mind. And since I'm your very own Lightning Rod of Hate, I'll zap it all up, do a little electrocution dance, forget about it, and then we'll all feel better.

(No guarantees here, folks, but it's worth a shot.)

Go on. Hate. You know you want to.

16 down; 14 to go.

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~Kathryn~ said...

LaLa said...

AHHHH! The hate and vengance still coursing through my veins regarding moving. And no barcodes on U2 tickets! And men who say they like you then disappear!

The Hate. The HATE!

I love you though Aly, so nice to read you again! xx

Catherine said...

Having a major crush on someone I can't have!!

Total teen angst!

Laurel said...

I will take this opportunity to de-lurk and declare that I HATE people who don't know how to alphabetize. Something just crossed my desk for proofreading that included a list. The author of this list placed "The Delta Air Line Foundation" in the T's!!. Hate, hate.

Aimee said...

I don't have a hate today! You shoulda asked me yesterday. LOL

I will say that I LOVE Who's Line. Mark and I watch it before bed most nights. I LOVE Brad Sherwood. And the weird party guests and green screen skits.

Pete Dunn said...

I'm stalking you because you begged for it on Aimee's blog.

Now you need to stalk me, as promised.

Teacher Jane said...

My flight to Nashville was canceled due to bad weather, so I have to take a 7:35 am flight instead. I'm losing money on my hotel. I miss the conference kick-off. AND, to top it all off, I have to make ANOTHER trip through the hell that is the traffic zone for departing flights at Philadelphia International.

Other than that, things are just peachy.

(Phew, feel better now.)

elise said...

All of this -

Also, I really hate the fact that the very SECOND I clean out my cat's litter box, she jumps in to dirty it back up. Why? Is this normal feline behavior? Does she enjoy causing me nasal distress?

Julz* said...

oh wow, I have lots of hate...

right now though, I hate when there are two lanes on each side of an intersection, none of which have arrows indicating that that particular lane has to turn a particular way, and there's a car on the opposite side waiting to turn right, a car in front of you that's turning right, and I'm waiting for the car in front to turn right so that I can go straight, only to find that when that car turns, the car on the opposite side has decided to be a fucking retard and has blocked my lane in their attempt to creep forward so that they can turn right. And I can't go around and the person turning can't turn because there are people going straight in the left lane.

*phew* did you get all that? hahaha

kirby said...

the wind annoyed me yesterday. Naturally, I was out in it all day, and had just gotten my hair cut, so my fringe was a whole lot shorter and wouldn't go behind my ears, hence - flapped about in my face. All. Day. Long.
The wind also meant that the dogs were unsettled and refused to stand still, which meant I got soaked. Not fun on cold, windy days.
I'm also bothered by the fact that with Dad only working three days a week, and mum fully retired... I will never again have the house to myself to sing loudly and have my music up so loud that the windows rattle.

oH.. and you know what else?
Contiki. Now I will have to go to NZ all by myself and be far more accessible *sp?* to mike. e.g.a.d.s......

briliantdonkey said...

I hate hate HATE being a day late for the "bitch all you want for free" day!



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