Requesting some luck

This has been the ups and downs of my travel plans recently.

Korea was on, was then off, was then on and is now off again. The contacts that we had were telling us two different things, and the programme apparently was filled before the cut off date had expired. Plus, the fact that they didn't even know what was going on with positions had me worried.

Instead, I decided to make plans with one of the girls at work to take a holiday, and we had narrowed it down to LA. Disneyland! Shopping! Theme parks! Money would have been tight, and very last minute, but I could have managed. Until I told Jase, who seemed very disappointed. I couldn't figure out why, until he told me he had five weeks of holiday time he was planning to use for us to go on a holiday. So the LA plans got changed.

Right now? We're planning on going to go to New Zealand for three weeks in January, just Jason and I. We'd like to do a Contiki (because we did one through Europe and it was FABULOUS!) so all the accomodation, travelling and some food is provided for, and it'll be nice to meet some new people too. Went to the travel agent this morning, and realised just how last minute we are - most holiday spots are taken in January. Damnit.

We're on "request" right now for the 15 day Grand Explorer New Zealand Contiki. We'll find out on Tuesday whether we made it into the tour; if not, we'll have to find another tour company that has spots available in that time. So, internet readers across the globe, please cross your fingers and toes and other appendages in the hopes that we can squeeze into that busy tour date! I'll keep you informed as to how it's all going.


It's all so exciting. I might even be brave and do the adventure stuff too; Bungie Jumping, Rafting, Quad Biking, heeee. Exciting! Lady luck, please be on our side.

4 down; 26 to go.

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Kathy F said...

Good luck. Have everything crossed for you. A friend of mine did this last year and she loved it. ( She's 25)

LaLa said...

Gah. I feel hungover just thinking about Contiki. Good Luck!

Sarah said...

I have never heard of this but am very VERY intrigued. Here's to hoping you get exactly what you want.

janet said...

so I have no idea what a Contiki is, but it SOUNDS awesome! I hope you get in!

Jenny said...

New Zealand?!

I'm so jealous.

Ngaire said...

Aly thinking of you. Fingers and toes are all crossed in this household!

kirby said...

if you go to Auckland.. I dare you to go and visit mike.

Teacher Jane said...

I second LaLa re: hungover just with the thought of Contiki.

Today, while at the gym, I heard our Wake-Up song on my iPod. I grinned like a total dork the entire time because I was so happy to have those gushy memories.

I will DEFINITELY keep my fingers crossed for you. Am so jealous!

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