Gone With The Wind

It's been windy today.

Very windy.

So windy in fact, that I'm predicting a Wizard of Oz moment any second now. And the more I think about it, the more appealing it seems.

I'm sure the residents of Munchkin Land wouldn't expect me to write report comments or write up boring accreditation documents. I'd like a puppy. And I'd also like a decent pampering session, like Dorothy and the others got in the Judy Garland version of the movie.

The Wicked Witch of the West wouldn't even bother me. I think we'd get along grandly, actually. I've been feeling so snarky at my poor kidlets lately, maybe the wind is making them crazy too. I swear, I have never barked at them so much as in the last couple of days. Besides, I've already been called a "fat ugly witch" by one of the kids at school this year, so bring it on WWoftheW. I can so take you.

Oh yes. I am ABSOLUTELY up for snagging myself a new pair of sexy, red shoes while I'm at it. That Dorothy character is nuts for going back home.. to a farm! Seriously.

You know I'm grasping at straws when one post not only talks about the weather, but also about fictional children's novels. Hey, at least I'm sparing you from politics. And cuteness. No cuteness here today, folks. That will be all.

15 down; 15 to go

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Aimee said...

hahahah I think you might have had some of Nicole's cold medicine! heee. I used to have some shiny glitter stilletos that looked like dorothy's...only slutty. LOL

Lel said...

Wouldn't a pampering session like that be fabulous!! I think that's my new 'happy place' lol :)

nila said...

It would be great to wear sexy red shoes while chatting it up with the wicked witch.

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