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Have you ever tried to say something, but the words come out completely wrong? (Damnit, now I have that old Brandy song in my head. Shit! Get it out! Help!)

And I don't mean the above question in a deep and meaningful sort of way (ha!) but literally, when words come out the wrong way.

I think there's something wrong with me.

Everytime I open my mouth lately, I end up completely stuffing up whatever I was going to say. And making myself snort with laughter too, but that's beside the point.

In the past, I've always muddled some words up, but lately? I think I'm going crazy. I've noticed myself slipping up constantly! I can't even remember all of the stuff-ups I've done, but here are just a couple from the past week. I'll endeavour to remember some more, so you can see how wired my brain is right now.

(The items in bold are what I actually said, the latter is what I was SUPPOSED to be saying, sheesh. I feel all muddled up again just looking at it!)

Chap and Cleer. (Clap and Cheer)
Dackup Bancers. (Backup Dancers)
Tot Norking. (Not Talking)

And the classic?

Lick Nachey. (Otherwise known as Nick Lachey.) Hee. Lick Nachey. Say it with me now. LICK NACHEY. It sounds like his 'naughty' name, if you know what I mean.

Got any other doozies to add to my list?

And to distract anyone who is completely lost from this post, here is a link to the donut cake from the wedding rant a couple days ago. DONUTS. Ha. Cheap. Cheap and whorish. Bastards. But I'm totally over it now. Totally. Cough.

8 down; 22 to go!

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Julz* said...

those donuts better be of the Krispy Kreme variety. otherwise there's no point.

Kathy F said...

Does seem rather cheap doesn't it? You have donuts with coffee - not at a fancy ocassion! Wedding cake is meant to be special. You can't exactly sleep with a donut under your pillow and dream of the man you will marry now can you?

~Kathryn~ said...

i was telling alita tonight about your wixing mords (*snort again*)
- she told a client at her work that they would make a good "Titter and Furner" (*snort again and again*

SallyT said...

You are a shining wit!! Smart Feller. etc etc. I spoonerise all the time.

cagey said...

I have always loved Spoonerisms - my favorite of yours was the Lick Nachey. That made me snigger coffee through my nose. haha

Catherine said...

Blunk drogging?

Drunk blogging?

Stefi a NYC said...

Lick Nachey rulezzz :D

Hey chicka, how are you???

Allison said...

I get that way ALL the time. I think I may have Down's Syndrome. Just the other day, I was trying to get my boyfriend's attention so he could check out a very cool apartment building that we passed. "Building! Look at that baby!" Was what came out. Yes. Backwards.

LaLa said...

One of the guys I work with went to meet an existing client one day when he was really tired. Following is excerpt of actual conversaton:

"Look D, we are really keen to build a really strong partnetship with B.... After we have everything under contrrol we will take you out for some drugs..."

Drinks? Lunch? Drugs anyone?

Allison said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Yay! Another blog friend...and all the way in Australia! I'm trying to expand my blogsite friendships and build on my links. So...I'll continue visiting. And by the way...I can't believe they stole your song. "Everything" is a great song!

Aimee said...

OMG your cracking me up!
The donut cake is sooooooo sad.
I mean, really. Cutting corners much? bah!

Hana said...

mmmmm... Krispy Kreme...


Viviane said...

Hahaha, Lick Nachey, huh? And that donut cake, yeah, not my taste... Tacky!

Isabel said...

I would totally lick Nick.

Oh, and I have sort of the same problem. I open my mouth and then can't remember the word for...pencil?! I'm getting old I guess.

Sarah said...

I am totally down with licking Nachey. Totally.

Tasmiya said...

Oh my GOSH! This was so funny. Honestly I was in tears and that donut wedding cake? BWAHAHAHAHA!I have not laughed so hard in a long time.
Cheap and whorish indeed!

bibliophile81 said...

I dearly love glazed donuts, but as wedding cake? That I'm not sure about.

briliantdonkey said...


Okay I read the doughnut rant a few times and thought "okay it wouldn't be MY choice but what is the big deal?" I was thinking a cake shaped like a doughnut.....still weird, but THIS,,,,,,THIS is ROTFLMAO wierd!


kirby said...

*laughs arse off at donut cake*

Rachell said...

Love the wedding cake! I'm having a morning wedding and
breakfast afterwards, which really doesn't go with
traditional wedding cake. This set up is the cleanest
and classiest I've seen.

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