A Loony Rant

Please be warned; this post is completely mental and probably makes me sound like a psychotic freak, but I am tired and I am bitter and I am suffering PMS and I have access to a public blog, so there. You have been warned.

I didn't mention this before because I'm allowed to bitch and moan in private, but I surprisingly don't put EVERYTHING on this blog. But now I have to. Because I am so astounded (and completely pissed off) that I'll just explode if I don't talk about it. In fact, I'll probably go to bed pissed off anyway, but GEEZ. ANGER! And how the hell did this HAPPEN?

A certain family member of mine is getting married today. In fact, he got married earlier this afternoon. My parents got invited to the wedding, and I did not. This person is a first cousin, a couple of years older than me. No, we are not super close, and in fact I don't really know much about this cousin at all except that his fiance is so stick thin that I call her Skeletor. That is not the point. Hello? FAMILY! Cousins? Does that not MEAN anything to you people?

Anyway. Since this is the second wedding in the space of a year that cousins have not invited me too (last year I was told that another cousin wasn't inviting any "children" to her wedding. Cough. I was 21 at the time), I was rather peeved. So went about my way trying to get my parents to boycott the wedding too. As you do.

(They didn't. Damnit.)

They were overseas at the time of the engagement party though, and did not send a gift because of timing - however recieved a "Thankyou for your lovely gift" card in the mail a few weeks later. Nice to know that people even noticed that my parents weren't at the engagement party, but I digress.

Now, I am not usually quite so bitter. In fact, I love weddings. Weddings make me feel all gooey inside, and I always get teary. I like watching people at weddings. I like watching the couples at weddings. I like reading about weddings.

But that didn't stop me from being evil and gleefully happy this morning that it has been raining for the last three days, and that it continued to rain today too. Grey. No sun. Hee. Did I mention it was to be an outdoor wedding? (I swear, if I ever get married one day, I bet karma will come and bite me on the ass.)

Sure, I may have jokingly (!) hinted that I hoped Skeletor would fall down the aisle, or be blown away by gale force winds at some point in the proceedings. And yes, I may have continuously snarked on about how rude my own family is for not inviting me to this particular function. I might have even sent a couple of text messages to my mother, who is right now attending the cheap-ass reception on a Sunday night. Yes. Sunday night. Don't even go there.

Whatever. All went smoothly, as far as I can tell. And my energy for being stroppy about the whole non-invite thing wore out a couple of hours ago. It's nearly 10pm, my bed is much more interesting right now than some cousin who will DEFINITELY not ever be invited to my wedding when I am fifty. In fact, I wasn't even thinking about it at all. (I was too busy terrifying myself watching bungy jumping videos.)

Until mum rang me just now. And told me that I'd never guess what the happy couple's wedding song was. And proceeded to play the music over the phone to me.

(God, I'm getting mad just THINKING ABOUT IT.)

Anyone who knows me? Will know that I adore Lifehouse. Especially about five years ago. In fact, that is how I met Jason. Also how I met Jen, and Kirby, and Julie, and Stefi, and a crapload of other beautiful people. All because of that band. Suffice it to say; the band is special.

Every couple has a song.
Jason and I have a song.
It's a Lifehouse song.

Getting the idea?

Not many people know of Lifehouse. If they DO know of Lifehouse, all they know is "that Hanging By A Moment" song. That's fine. In fact, I prefer it that way, so that I could always have my little piece of "ALY" music hidden away. It always sucks when small bands get big.

Please. Unless you're a Lifehouse fan, you wouldn't remember old Track 12 on their very first CD that was realised in the year 2000. It is a slow song, it goes for over 6 minutes. It's a beautiful song. It's called "Everything".


(And Jason's too, you know, we're a couple, but MINE. Mine!)

They took it. And used it as THEIR song.


(Edit: Um, I realised after posting this that some people wouldn't get what the big deal is. I don't even really know, myself. All I know is this; If I ever get married, it won't be a big wedding. It'll probably be small, it'll probably be traditional, and it'll probably just be close family and friends (especially since half my family will have wiped themselves off the invite list by then).

I don't think I'm the sort of person to stress about details and the like, it's just not me. But there is ONE thing I want for my future, possibly imaginary wedding. And that one thing? Is to dance to my song. A song that few people know, and even fewer would enjoy for the same reasons as me.

It just irks me to no end that people that I'm not too keen on right now, would choose that song (out of a bajillion wedding songs) to use as their own. Mmbleh. Edit done, now.)

But before I go..

Is it too late to wish that they choke on their donut (I kid you not) wedding cake?

I am not bitter. No, no. I am feeling much better now, thanks.

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janet said...

lol. Ummmm, I hope this doesn't make you MORE mad, but I was laughing a lot while reading this! I mean, yes you are pissed, but you are funny when pissed!

30andflirty said...

OMG Sunday night donut cake?
Kill me!

I LOVE that song!!!! It's not playing on the radio here (THANK GOD) I actually want to walk down the aisle to that one. Everyone here is using You and Me for their wedding songs as of late.

It sucks that they used it. I'd be pissed too (not that they did it on purpose, but yeah, pissed).

I laughed at my dad's girlfriend's son's (get that?) wedding because he's always talking about how he has so much money and they like the finer things and blah blah...yet they had a Sunday wedding too - which just goes to show he's a cheap bastard because EVERYONE knows weddings are cheaper on Sunday. (and yeah, I will totally scope out that savings because, well, I'm not proud!) haha.

Hope today is a better day. ::hugs::

Viviane said...

I know what you mean, and I would be mad as well, especially because Everything is not exactly your generic wedding song, so why the hell did they pick it? And that sucks big time they wouldn't invite you to their wedding, it's just so rude! I would probably return that gesture at my own wedding as well.

Ngaire said...

I'm with Janet on this one. When you are sooooooooooo incredibly pissed off about something you manage to make the rest of us laugh and forget what we were pissed off about!

SallyT said...

*snort* Skelator *snort*

Dohnut cakes are very in this year. I read it in White Trash Weekly. Sprinkles are my tip for next year. Just watch and see!

Hana said...

Wait... donut cake?!

What exactly does that entail? is it a large cake made up of normal sized donuts stuck together, or is it like one LARGE donut? wooooah... that would be a fun gag gift for my friends b'day coming up... thanks for the idea ;)

but um yea, your relo sucks. Bleh.

LaLa said...

Again. Bitchtrollwhore

How about in a few weeks time after my scarily busy behemoth life settles down we go out for Donuts on a Sunday.

We don't need the excuse of a BAD wedding! x

briliantdonkey said...

wow, miss one days post and hell breaks lose in alyland.....

:::::I LOVE that song!!!! It's not playing on the radio here (THANK GOD) I actually want to walk down the aisle to that one. ::::

Um thirtyandflirty: that was kind of brave on your part. After THAT rant to say you want to walk down the aisle to it....Careful though not to let Aly see it. I would hate for you to miss out on the chance to become "thirtyoneand flirty one".


Julz* said...

Aww Aly, I understand the anger at them using Lifehouse *fuming* I hate that. I'm sorry, but if that song means nothing to you, and is just cos, "ohhhh it's so romantic ^_^" then no...don't pick it. Pick a song that actually means something to you people!!!! *angry* Stupid people...a pox on them!

*laughs evilly as I ride away on my flying broomstick*

~Kathryn~ said...

i'm so glad you reminded me of this post
i can still feel you seething over it

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