Hit Me Baby

Sometimes, I just crack myself up.

Aly: (insert random chatter and questions about New Zealand here)
Jason: "Mmmhmm." (blank face)
Aly: "We're paying off our trip! I'm excited! It's so soon! Yay!"
Jason: "Yep."
Aly: "You're so BORING. What's wrong with you? I'm excited!"
Jason: "Nothing, I'm fine!"
Aly: "Boring. How can you not be excited!? We're going to NEW ZEALAND!"
Jason: "I am excited."
Aly: (snorting noise)
Jason: "We've still got ages, it's not until after Christmas. I guess it just hasn't hit me yet."
Aly: (pause)
Aly: (punches Jason in the chest)
Jason: "Ouch!"

Well, he can't say it hasn't hit him yet.

18 down; 12 to go.

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Lel said...

Ha! That's fantastic! Totally something I would do to J. I'm excited for you...I can't imagine going to New Zealand and the month is going to just fly by.

elise said...

Sooooo jealous.

So. Jealous.

You must report everything you want to do in New Zealand and where you're going while there and how long, and then post millions of pictures, as well.

Did I mention? I'm JEALOUS??

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