In about six hours, Jason will get a phone call from the travel agent.

It'll be telling him whether or not we got accepted into a practically full Contiki tour for January.

To New Zealand.

I promised myself I wouldn't get too hyped up about it, because there is a good chance we won't get in. Well, I tried anyway. I ended up spending the whole weekend looking at brochures, checking out websites that showed all of the optional activities and getting more and more excited about the whole thing.

Please, please, please let the Contiki gods be smiling today. I'll even try and think up a suitable bribe if need be. Not sure what exactly, but it'll be something. I want this. So badly. It hurts.

The next time we speak, blog world, I'll have the answer.


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LaLa said...

I am just hoping your travel agent does not pop off to a Melbourne Cup Day lunch before she rings Jason. That, could be dangerous.

janet said...

so I totally have ZERO expertise on New Zealand and contikis, but let's just say this contiki thing you speak of is full. Can one (or two, in this case) not go to New Zealand on their own, sans Contiki? Please help this stupid American understand?

janet said...

okay, just did some googling, I think I get it now!

However, even if you don't get in, I still think you should take a nice romantic vacation for two :)

daisies said...

oh wow ... sounds like so much fun!! good luck : ) crossing my toes for you!

~Kathryn~ said...

got your text mup YEAHHHHHHHHHHH

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