Burnin' Up!

Ever since the scorching of the bosom and chest and neck area, I think my body temperature has gone up a couple of degrees.

(If you're sitting here wondering what scorching I'm talking about, just scroll down a couple of entries. I'm too lazy to post the link because that would require effort.)

There we go.

(And I am absolutely not nekkid, by the way. I was wearing a skirt shoved around my boobs like a dress because it hurt too much to wear anything with straps. Oh, and for the obligatory blog shot too, of course.)

Back to the sunburn.

My skin is hot to the touch.
It hurts to sleep, especially on the left side.
I winced last night everytime Jase accidently brushed past it.
My key chain banged against it whenever I moved today.
I break into a sweat everytime I move.
I literally sweated through my shirt at gym today.

Is it possible that this evil sunburn has actually fucked with my body temperature? Because today was lovely weather, under 30o celcius. And tomorrow? Is predicted to be over 40o celcius.

Perhaps I should attach a bucket to my forehead or something.

Diagnose me, people. Is a day off work in the cards?

P.S. Am totally okay. Thanks for the love and support in the last post, there was a bit of an incident with Jason and myself, but we have sorted it out. Here's hoping the future works itself out, because I do love that boy very, very much.

P.P.S. Bridget Jones is my idol.

27 days down; 3 to go!

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LaLa said...

YES! A day off! I would kill for a day off so by you taking one I off I will feel like perhaps by an internet degree of seperation that I have had a day off too!

Glad everything is better now, otherwise I would drag you in to the city to drink TVR's and do karaoke!

Teacher Jane said...

Am so glad things are working out, although I'm sorry you're having hot flashes.

Yes, please, take a day off. And then write about how wonderful it is, so that I can live vicariously through you.

nancypearlwannabe said...

A summery Christmas? God, it's like Australia's on the other side of the planet or something.

elise said...

I agree on the taking a day off sentiments. Do it for the rest of us, if nothing else. It's like charity, really.

Glad you're better and ready for New Zealand!

30andflirty said...

Sunburn is a totally legitimate reason to take off work. :)

Glad to hear things have been sorted out. I know how you feel with the saying of dumb things - so much in fact, I wrote a postsecret about it.


kari said...

man, i hate that about sunburns - how it makes your entire body warmer. it's very annoying, as if the pain of the burn itself weren't annoying enough already.

and, like the others, i am very glad things are okay. just remember you have lots of people to chat to if the need arises! :)

kirby said...

phew about you and jason.. I was quite concerned and thought many a time...'should I send her a message!?!'.. then each and every time decided, 'no. you don't know for sure that anything has gone on, so best keep to yourself...'

BUT I did send you one about the lovely mister mayer returning to our shores....hmmmm?? Shall we once again TRY to get tickets? It's at the ent cent, so it's much bigger than the enmore... ??

*sends aloevera to aly*

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