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That was the temperature today at around 2pm.

In celcius.

That's 106 degrees Fahrenheit if my conversion site is correct.

And it's SPRING.

Say it with me now; Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It wouldn't bother me so much if I were at home, since we have a wonderful thing called AIR CONDITIONING. One would think at the institution where it is my job to instill knowledge and worldly advice and dance moves into my kidlets minds would be as comfortable as the education department could get, right?

Fuck, no. We have no air conditioning. I had a classroom of hot, sweaty, grumpy and miserable kidlets today. And they had a hot, sweaty, grumpy and miserable teacher today. I bet all the education bigwigs aren't sweating it out in their offices with no air conditioning. *snorts*

Therefore, since several dozen of my brain cells sizzled away into nothing after my duty on the scorching asphalt playground of death, it's time for a to-do list. I've been meaning to do one ever since I saw Nicole's one, so what better time than the present?

* Finish the student report comments and student database information. (Sounds simple but that involves 1 page of crappy new statements for each of my twenty five kidlets. TWENTY FIVE PAGES OF COMMENTS.)

* Tally up absences and partial absences for the record cards. (Counting is absolutely not my strong point.)

* Get my kids doing their cowboy line dance up to speed because we tried it with music for the first time yesterday and they totally sucked need some practice. (I'm a mean cow who snorted out a few giggles watching the unco-ordinated ones shuffle around. Mean!)

* Somehow find twenty five cowboy style hats for the kidlets to wear on the performance night. (How I'm going to manage that, I have no idea - suggestions welcomed!)

* Use the next four weeks to finish my teachers accreditation which let's face it; is going to be the death of me. Death! (And if I die before NEW ZEALAND OMGZ I will be one pissed off teacher lady.)

* Find Christmas gift for Jason, Ajay and my work Secret Santa. (Everyone else has been bought for, because I am a semi-organised chook this year. Impressive, eh?)

* Save money (to attend my staff Christmas party, as well as Jasons.)

* Save money (to put aside for holidays since I might not get paid during them.)

* Save money (for spending money for NEW ZEALAND OMGZ!)

* Spend money on decent summer clothes, some swim shorts and other necessities (for NEW ZEALAND OMGZ!)

* Make a countdown calendar (for NEW ZEALAND OMGZ!)

Are we seeing a pattern here?

I was a good girl today and stayed back until 5pm typing out more report comments, so I've made a bit of a start there. But there is such a lot to do, and such a short time before the end of school / Christmas / early January holiday time.

Just need to imagine the wonderful stress-free time I'll have after all of that stuff is behind me. Positive thinking, right?

Now if I could just un-melt myself off this chair...

21 down; 9 to go!

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LaLa said...

Fuuuuck. And tomorrow is supposed to be HOTTER and WINDY. And I have to spend all day on the road. IN A SUIT.



I will surely die.

Allison said...

It's so fun to read your blogs and remember that you're on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. (and that it's Winter here and Spring there) You're would be tragic if you died before you get to go to New Zealand. Let's all hope that doesn't happen. :)

Ngaire Brown said...

EEEEEKKKKK. This weather sucks doesnt it? It has been warm down here too. Bring on the summer holidays I say!

janet said...

holy cow that is HOT! Send some warmth here, it was 40-something F here today and I wore my flip-flops, as I am still in denial about not being in Mexico!

Teacher Jane said...

Wahhhh whine moan whinge, I wish it was summer here again.

We had a nice almost Spring-like early November, but now Winter has arrived and it's come with a vengeance.


(I will send cold thoughts your way, because even though I wish for summer, I do NOT wish for 106 degrees. Is it humid? If it is, then I feel even worse for you.)

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