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I'm having warm fuzzies today - I just found out that my favourite Donkey is going to participate in not only NaBloPoMo but ALSO NaNoWriMo. Bugger my gym efforts, I think we should all send him some prizes RIGHT NOW. Fwoar; a novel plus a blog? You're my idol. Good thoughts going to you, BD. Lots of good thoughts.

What better way to celebrate than by completing a meme? A meme about blogs, of all things. Isn't that grand? Because I'm blogging right now! Blogging about blogging! And you are reading it! (Whoever you are, my SiteMeter will spill the details later, moohaha!)

Here are the rules. As for me? I only really have Part 1 to answer, because I am clever. Grasshoppers, the rest is up to you.

Part 1) Explain where or how you came up with the name for your blog. You can go into as much or as little detail as you like, it is totally one hundred percent up to you.

Coming up with a name for this blog was actually sort of easy. Let's go through it together, shall we?

My name = Aly. (That answer definitely requires rocket science.)

The bear = Way back in high school, a batch of friends somehow ended up tacking "bear" onto the end of our names. If I remember rightly, there was a N(a)omibear and a Hanniebear as well. Don't ask me how it started, I have absolutely no recollection now. All I know is that I was an Aly, and that I used it for all of my very first internet login names. Then came the embarrassment phase; where I would cringe giving my email to anybody because Aly? What the heck is that? Are you twelve? Eventually though, the cycle of internet-login/blog-names continued on its rotation, and Aly became my handy-dandy innernet name of choice. And ta-dah! I still use it. Interesting, no?

The ramblings = If you've stuck around a while, you'll notice I tend to ramble on - mostly about nothing. I've always been quite good at rambling (or waffling, or babbling, or whining, or whinging, or complaining, whatever you want to call it is fine by me.) (But nothing nasty, please.)  (Or I might cry.) (Or at least sulk.) (And then possibly blog about it.) (Possibly? Who the heck am I kidding? Of course I'd blog about it.)

So, using inspiration from Danny over at Dad Gone Mad (his vomit equations are so good, I'm planning on teaching my kids algebra that way in the future), the mathematics behind my blog name works looks a little something like this;

c + (by) / (..) + a + b = Ramblings.. by Aly.
(Otherwise known as the Blog That I Use To Procrastinate From Doing Other More Important Things.)

Thanks for reading it. Maybe one day, I'll hand out t-shirts.

Part 2) Pay the Briliant Donkey himself a visit, and take a peek at the list of people that are participating in this-here meme. Find a blog, and try to guess the reasons behind its naming and see how close you are.

I know I'm interested in finding out how a few people on my blog roll decided on their names. Like this one. And this one too. Oh, and also this one.

And in case you missed the link to BD's site the last three times, here is another one for you.

Because one can never have enough links, you know.

Part 3) Participate yourself. Spread the blogging meme loooove. And let's face it - after thirty days of this, we'll be trampling over one another to get to new memes just to pass the time.

All the underlining in this post is making my eyes bleed. If you are still reading now, I salute you! And now order you to head over to your nearest optometrist and get your eyes checked. I know I will be.

2 down; 28 to go.

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Heather B. said...

I'm only a little jealous that you're already on day two of NaBloPoMo and we (meaning the US) are still on day one.

Oh and here's the answer to your question:

kirby said...

I'm confused?
*looks around awkwardly*

how you doiin'?

briliantdonkey said...

So let me get this straight,,,,you mean alyndabear the site really DOESN'T have anything to do with bondage???? Damnit! And here I thought you were just laying low for a while or something. Thanks for the background.


Hana said...


i remember how the "bear" thing started...
It was Diana P in year 9... she started the whole trend by putting bear at the end of my name.
Creative girl isn't she? Hee ;)
Last i heard she married whatshisname... you know the "free spirited one" what was his name again? omg, i have forgotten... something!

Love, Hanniebear :)

LaLa said...

Here's my answer!

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