It's like Christmas - but not!

Thank goodness it's Friday.

For some reason, this week has dragged by. Taking the swim scheme kids has been exhausting, especially since I've been in the pool teaching a middle-level group how to float and the basics of breathing underwater and all. The morning flies by, then there's swimming, then we get back at the end of lunch and the last hour just disappears.

You'd think it would go fast? But actually, this week couldn't go faster. I'm looking forward to this weekend, even though I really ought to do school stuff while I'm not actually AT school. Have to write reports, find time for accreditation, assess the kids and get their last term units finished. Gah! I don't want to really talk about it anymore!

Instead, let me show you something which brought with it much happiness, and caused me to walk around like a loon last night in cute shoes and bug-eyed sunglasses.


Oh man, the wedge sandals I bought? They are SO HIGH, I can barely walk in them. Totally cute, but just for show, methinks. I haven't got a pic of them yet, but I have some of the others! Thankyou so much to Beth, who got them here safely and super speedily, AND had them wrapped up in pretty pink wrapping paper. It was just fabulous, and I'm still all excited now. Here are my thoughts on the results;

Who knew over-sized sunglasses would be so.. well.. over-sized?

The converse shoes of love! They are here and they are wonderful. And I wore them today and even my kids said "Wow, I love your Chucks!" Happy days. I am too darned fashionable.

Desiree! I love you! Candycorn! I am currently on a complete sugar high because those white bits? YUM. Why can't the whole thing be white coloured? And it doesn't look like corn. Why is it called candycorn? It's great!

3 down; 27 to go.

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Ngaire Brown said...

Love the shoes Aly! enjoy the weekend!

Julz said...

ohhhhh I LOVE the shoes!! ^_^ I saw them at the Converse factory outlet thingy here in Melb and I was wondering if they were the same ones. So cute!

*steals candycorn*

Desiree said...

Didn't you read the epic 12 comment posting from "anonymous" (my mom) who totally went into the sheer beauty of candy corn and asked the age old question, why doesn't it look like corn? The hell? I am just glad all your stuff showed up. Apple jacks don't taste like apples (American cereal) so why shoule candy corn have anything to do with corn? Yay! I am so glad you got it!

30andflirty said...

LOVE the sunglasses and shoes! Yeah for new fun stuff! And candy-blogging!

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