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Because I am enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning and absolutely nothing of interest has happened so far today (apart from waking up, having a cup of tea, biting Jason a few times and staying in my pyjamas, that is), I have decided to treat you to a random photo blog.

I actually had this idea ready and waiting (with inspiration by Aimee a few weeks ago), but never found time to post it. You might know of it; the standard "What's in your handbag right now?" blog post. Except, I changed handbags since I took the photo, so I will have to start you off with a link.

This is my current new handbag.

And yes! Look closely, and you'll see I only paid $10.95 for it! Bargain, eh?

As for what's inside the new bag? Let's take a peep.

My old handbag was replaced because it liked to eat things once they were put inside it, resulting in frustration. Lots of frustration. It's been banished into the kingdom of Cupboard, until it decides to behave itself.

We have some Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow (I love them, but they're so sheer you can barely see them!), some deoderant, my toll pass, old Covergirl powder foundation, a Lipsmacker AND a Chapstick, some cheap Avon mascara and a lip moisturiser. It's sad considering that this gets used maybe, once every two months? Shame.

Onto the messier things in my bag; We have a couple of pens, some Avon vanilla body spray, my whistle (for coaching and refereeing the Newcombeball team), my Contours gym membership barcode, and my school classroom keys. No wonder my bag is heavy!

Aha! Now for the main part! You'll see my wallet (snazzy and red, complete with Jason picture which is blocked out for some reason - notice it looks empty? Hee), my Contact solution (I wake up with dry eyes every damn morning), another pen, my mobile phone, our garage door opener, my sexy sunglasses, a pretty Maybelline lipgloss, my house keys, my car keys AND my Ipod. Phew.

I envy all you people with cute, small bags. My obsession with leaving things behind always makes me go for big bags. Aside from the makeup, everything I have photographed are things I NEED. How the heck do guys just go out with a wallet and mobile phone? It's very, very puzzling.

Hope your weekend goes splendidly, and hoorah for Janet and Andrew, who are in Mexico as we speak, preparing for their wedding! Congratulations for tomorrow!

11 down; 19 to go!

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Viviane said...

Oh, I should do this sometime. I do carry a lot of stuff with me at most times as well. Haha. I don't know how guys do it either, or some girls. Tiny purses only work for me when I am going out for a short while.

Viviane said...

Oh, by the way, I really like your new purse. :)

cagey said...

Okay, this post cracked me up. cracked me UP. So, I guess, now I am CRACKED.

Catherine said...

How do guys leave the house with just their wallet AND leave it in their back pocket.

Don't they realise it makes your arse look lumpy!!

briliantdonkey said...

and the flip side......what the HELL can you possibly have to have at all times that requires you to lug around a suitcase at all times!

Personally I carry my wallet in my front pocket justttttt so my arse does NOT look lumpy. And as for the inevitible question,,,,sure, sure I am glad to see you......but that IS a wallet in my pocket as a matter of fact!


Julz* said...

lol I don't really carry around much, hence my small bag :P

but even then, I don't understand how people can go out without a bag, and just put things in their pocket. I feel bulky and awkward with things in my pockets.

ps. I'm glad you've banished your old bag and gotten a new one that doesn't eat your possessions :P

nila said...

It's so funny that you did this, because I was just thinking about doing it yesterday since the last time it went around, I didn't have a blog. What's in a person's bag says alot about them.

Viviane said...

I just wrote a post like this in my blog, so check it out. :)

30andflirty said...

Love the new bag. not sure how you fit ALL OF THAT STUFF(!) In it!

Heather B. said...

The handbag that I'm lugging around now is quite similar to your previous handbag. Things go in, never to be seen again until five months later and then I finally figure out what happened to my favorite lip gloss. It's frustrating. I'd clean it out, but I'm just too lazy.
Vicious cycle, isn't it?

kirby said...

I don't usually understand the phone and wallet solution to every going out bag need either... however, I realised more often than not, it's all I use. I don't wear make-up so there's no need for that, my sunglasses live either ON or on top of my head, I never thought of taking deodorant with me, I don't have a garage to need a opener, nor am I a member of any kind of gym or excercise facility. I do, however, take my keys with me everywhere and am under strict instruction to carry a water bottle everywhere because I tend to dehydrate without knowledge of it. How am I going to carry that around in my tiny tiny little bag!?

Jen said...

Alynda, why do you carry around makeup? If you brought the bag to Jason's, or to put it on after gym, I understand. But... You don't need 4 different lip products. ;) As the makeup whore, all I carry around is lipgloss.

Standard contents of my tiny bag/s: wallet, phone, keys, tissues, chapstick or lipgloss.

However, the problem with such a tiny bag is if I take anything out, I have to stand there and repack it all to put it back in. And my Ipod doesn't fit once I get to the shops :(

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