Stress Schmess

Since the news that we got into our Contiki tour for New Zealand this summer, I have been completely and utterly loony with joy very excited. Obviously. I mean, what could be nicer than a holiday with Jase, visiting somewhere that I've wanted to see for years, with the added bonus of meeting new people, adventure sports which will terrify me and of course, alcohol?

Surprisingly, I'm rather mellow about this next trip.

Why is this surprising, you may wonder? Because when I went to Europe a couple of years ago, I was a panicking, whining pack of nerves who was possibly the most annoying travelling partner you could find. And I'm NOT exaggerating.

(I think it was to be expected though; I was only just 19, it was my first time travelling semi-alone (Jason was there, but he didn't count, because I was still terrified), I was going to a dozen foreign countries, there were fifteen thousand things I needed to do and see and experience and OMG! Stress!)

I'll always remember my first day in Paris, where we had the entire day to ourselves to do what we pleased. I had a massive mental list of things I just HAD to see while I was there, and subsequently turned into a full-blown slightly maniacal freak.

Let me give you an example;

Where is the Notre Damn, Jason? Why the heck are there six dozen Notre Dame Cathedrals in Paris anyway? And why doesn't the Metro take us straight to the HUNCHBACK one? I don't want to see the small ones! I WANT TO SEE THE HUNCHBACK ONE! We're never going to get home! Help! We're lost! We need to meet the tour at 5pm! It'll be closed when we get there! Jason!  You've been here before, how can you not find the bloody Notre Damn Cathedral? Wah Wah Wah.

I suppose it was justified when I eventually recieved the "Just fuck off and leave me alone!" response, after harrassing him again at yet another tourist map on the streets of Paris.

This time around though, I'm giving Jase permission to push me off a canyon without a bungy harness if I start to get irritating. Better still, I might just throw MYSELF off a canyon without a bungy harness, to save everyone else the trouble.

I'm sure that won't be necessary, though...

(crickets chirp)


12 down; 18 to go!

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Nanette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

Amantha said...

Yeah! I am not alone in my ambivalence!

Thanks for stopping by. I will be visiting here again!

briliantdonkey said...

Dear Jason:

No matter how much she pretends to admit she was a pain in the arse the last matter how much she tries to pretend 'it's okay if you agree with her that she indeed was said pain in the ass',,,,,


"no no honey you weren't bad at all"

"huh? you were a pain in the arse? I don't seem to remember that"

in spite of the pretending,,,,are both much MUCH safer responses.


kirby said...

if you ever start to feel yourself get stressed, ask a kiwi to say my name. it's hilarious. guaranteed to make you laugh...

made me laugh anyway...

Julz* said...

hahahhahaha *laughs at the thought of a kiwi saying kirby's name* ^_^

at least there isn't as much to see in New, at least it's all within the one country and you're not trying to see everything in 10 different countries.

I know you're gonna stress anyways, but try and keep it to a minimum ;) and then you can fully enjoy your holiday :D

Hana said...


I'm sure it'll be easier the second time around...


Teacher Jane said...

I went through the same thing in Paris. It was my first time abroad, and my first time really on my own, and I wanted to see everrrrything. Except, instead of yelling at the nearest person, I drowned my sorrows at being unable to find my way to the Eiffel Tower by eating approximately eleventy billion Nutella crepes. And then drinking so much champagne at the cabaret that I voluntarily ate Vegemite (EWWW) the next morning when my favorite Aussie declared it to be a foolproof hangover cure.

This comment was supposed to be about how glad I am you've mellowed, but ha! It's really all about me.

Anonymous said...

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