I know I've already posted my obligatory (and not so interesting) NaBloPoMo blog for the day, but I just saw an article that got me all riled up, and I feel a rant coming on.

(Picture steam coming out of my ears about now.)

Let me summarise the news story;

Some fucking moron hit a kangaroo with his car not too far from where I live, and then went about hitting it and injuring it with an iron pole, then leaving it for dead in the trunk of a car.

How can people be so cruel?

How, HOW can someone go so far out of their way to injure an animal like that?

It's bad enough it was hit by a car, accidents do happen. But to deliberately bash the poor creature, break it's bones, hurt it so badly, and then lock it up to die alone in distress? The poor thing was eventually put down, because of the extent of the injuries.

I am just sitting here in my own little comfort zone, imagining what that poor kangaroo was thinking while it was hurting and unable to flee. And damnit, it makes me mad.

The bastard who did this to that kangaroo should have the same thing happen to him. HOW DARE HE?

It just makes my heart ache. Why are people so cruel?

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Ngaire said...

Makes you sick doesnt it. Each day to and from work I see a lot of dead kangaroos. Each time I see one I hope to god that the poor creature didnt lie there in pain after being hit.
The person who did this needs castrating.

Snoskred said...

There was a guy who lived near me who was going around shooting roos after dark - we kept wondering what the bangs were. The police caught him drunk driving and searched his car to find a loaded 22 on the back seat, and a machete and kangaroo pieces in the boot.

When that happened I wondered how anyone could do that to our national animal but what you have posted about, that is absolutely disgraceful. Someone doing that seriously has issues, and he may end up killing actual people eventually.

Roos are such beautiful animals, there's a beach not far from me where they live on the beach.

I hope this guy gets locked up, seriously.

Aimee said...

That is HORRIBLE! Not a great way to start or end a day. :(

Desiree said...

Yikes. What the hell was the point of packing the poor little guy in a trunk? People, they scare me.

As for this guy I think the punishment should mirror the offense. He should get run down, beat with a pipe and locked in a trunk. See how he likes it. Then I reccomend jail for LIFE because there is something very wrong with people who hurt animals.

I'm sorry you had to read this story. You were having sush a nice streak of happy things; new job, experiencing candy corn, the fact that it is now summer where you are.

Heather B. said...

It is awful, very awful. But I can't get over the fact that you just have kangaroos walking, nay hopping, all over the place. That's so crazy to me.

Allison said...

I get WAY more upset when people hurt animals than when people hurt each other. Why is that?

Sarah said...

That is so terrible! I just don't understand people. How does anyone have it in them to do that? Ugh. Awful.

nila said...

Anyone who would do this to a defenseless animal needs to be punished. Where does a person like this draw the line?

kirby said...

FUCK... I was supposed to call the RSPCA thisafternoon!! oops.

that's terrible though. I think it could possibly make me cry.

Unknown said...

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