So I Have To Say

... You guys rock!

I have never had 15 comments on one entry before. Never! In fact, I don't think I've even come close. Apparently you are all freaks of nature too, what with our lacking speech abilities and all.

Join me now, as we have a virtual bloggers (NaBloPoMo and NON-NaBloPoMo combined!) group hug. Fwee. Don't you feel the love? Thanks so much for making my day.

(And I'm glad most people thought the donut cake was the cheesiest of all things cheese. Or should I say, the donutiest of all things donut? What the heck ever. Lame. And they are lame. And their wedding was lame. And their futures together shall be lame. LAME.

But now I have to ask; do you remember the car?

The car I dreamt about for ages?
The brand new car I bought this year, complete with brand new car smell?
The car that the idiotic P-plate driver ran into in the shopping centre last month?
The car that seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth while the insurance company and smash repairer took a trip to Mars? (or something.)

Well. It's finally sitting in my driveway! A brief and boring rundown of the last few days will now be written with absolutely no full stops, so take one hell of a deep breath and onwards ye shall read;

I had a sick day on Monday so I decided to pick the car up from the smash repairers and so I did just that and as I was driving home with no radio because the battery had been reset while they were doing work on it (and omg it sucked driving home with no radio suckity suck suck) and because it was insanely quiet I could hear every noise the car was making and it was making an awful lot of noises and it shouldn't be making noises because hello! new car! so anyway I took it home and made my dad drive it and he agreed with my completely non-qualified judgement that there was a weird noise when the car accelerated or slowed down or turned corners (so basically whenever it actually was DRIVEN at all) and when he was checking it out he also found a dent in the roof of the car which had me go into fits of extreme anger and rage because I already have enough fucking dents in a six month old car including a random person opening their door on me (fuckers) and my brother who has put a scratch in it from his studded belt (again, fuckers) so one more dent just may kill me and so we rang them and dropped it back and rang again and ta-dah! it was ready so back we went again today to pick it up and it is fixed now and I am happy and I will personally hunt down and kill the next person who even THINKS about driving too close to me.

Deep breaths, people. Deep breaths.

And exclamation points totally do not count as breathing spaces, alright?

The most important thing?

I have the car.
It has no funny noises.
It has no dent in the roof.
And I am a happy Aly.
The end.

(Let's see you beat 15 comments on this one!)

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Ngaire said...

Woo hoo! that is a lot of comments.
Cool that your car is back.

Catherine said...

Sounds like exactly the kind of situation that would send me completely over the edge.

Also makes me really glad I don't drive!

Julz* said...

YAY!!! ^_^

*pets your car*

I'm glad you have it back... *rubs off hand prints* :D hehe

I know how you feel though, when i got my car back after the fan broke, every noise it made freaked me out.

BUT i'm glad everything is a-okay and you have your baby back :D

~Kathryn~ said...

just cos i love ya !!!

Sheryl said...

Hey there, popped in off the NaBloPoMo list. I'm helping out with some reviews. (should be a link on my site shortly) Just wanted to say hey... so um... hey!

Aimee said...

I'm SO GLAD you have your car back! I was hoping poor Flat Stanely wasn't going to have to use public transportation to go on his dates with all the women you've introduced him to!

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