Please Ignore Me!

I told my kidlets at swim school today to burn and teeth.

Let me just give you a second to digest that.



Before you start calling the authorities on me, let me just remind you that I have the speech capacity of a spoon.

I really don't want the kidlets to start teething. I'm sure their parents wouldn't enjoy 8-12 year olds beginning that lovely phase of toddlerhood all over again. And I CERTAINLY don't want them to burn, as noisy as they are some days, I'm not quite as nasty as that.

What I really meant to say?

Turn and breathe.

We were learning freestyle, damnit. Or at least attempting to learn freestyle. Of the two kids who were actually listening and heard me say it, one had a chuckle and the other just stared at me blankly. The rest? Completely missed it. Thank goodness!

(This is one thing I'd rather not have to bring up at any parent teacher interviews.)

In other random news; here's a snippet of a conversation I had with my class today, after them asking who their teacher would be next year. Things like this always make me smile, even after a hot day of swimming. And burning. And teething.

R: "Who will be the Year 2 teacher next year?"
Me: "I'm not sure, Mr S. is in charge of making all the classes work."
R: "So will you be our teacher?"
Me: "Probably not, R. There are lots of teachers you could have, though!"
R: "But which class will you have?"
Me: "I really don't know, chook. I might even be at a different school next year! We'll have to wait and see."

R: "You know, I'll really miss you when you go."


Of course, nothing in the classroom is sacred, so the rest of the class were eavesdropping that whole conversation. In the last hour of the day, I recieved some lovely tokens of appreciation.

1 cat picture.
5 cards.
4 scribbled messages: "Your the best techr ever!"
And 4 paper octopus(es): "Don't wiggle, be happy!"

And when I think about it?

I'm really going to miss those kidlets next year.

10 down; 20 to go!

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30andflirty said...

Aw! That's sweet. The kidlets love you, just like your loyal internet subjects. :)

Ngaire said...

That is so cute!!!! Did all of the octopus animals have 8 legs?

Allison said...

Awww. I taught school for two years, and I LOVED getting the cards and the pictures and the love letters from the little boys that wanted to marry me. There's nothing better than that!

And don't feel bad. I remember constantly, accidently, saying inappropriate things in the classroom. Once, I called my favorite little 3rd grade student a skank!! I TOTALLY didn't mean to, though. I meant to call her a "skunk" b/c she was being silly. She thought it was funny, but I still explained the incident to her mother b/c I didn't want it getting back to her. Thank goodness she wasn't offended!!

Sistermarylisa said...

That's hilarious. I say things like that all the time. That's why I'm thankful I'm blonde and can blame it on a blonde moment. Until I'm old enough to call them "Senior Moments!"

Lel said...

That's adorable! I find myself switching words all the time especially when it involves the 4 year old and being a bit frazzled. I think the last major one was "Hold still and put on your lapkin" rather than "put your napkin on your lap". Napkins around here are all now officially lapkins...

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