I love a Sunburnt Country

But I definitely don't love a sunburnt bosom.

No sir, I do not.

Click here to see a sad and sunburned Aly

And a sunburnt bosom is what I am the owner of right now.

And it is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen. WAH. And the key chain mark that is around my neck? Is just the icing on the cake.

Next year, my pale skin and I are putting up a fight about taking a sports team. PALIES UNITE! BOO TO SUNCREAM THAT DOESN'T WORK! JUST SAY NO!Just when I thought I was getting rid of the ugly watch tan, too. Damn ye summer. Damn ye.

I pull faces in your general direction. Now. Can someone please pass the aloe? I hurty.

24 down; 6 to go!

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kari said...

i'm sorry you're sunburned, and i know this is just me being insensitive, but i laughed so hard at that last picture. your face is priceless. but still, definite sympathy from one pale chick to another.

Jessi said...

Awww! I'm a palie, too, but unfortunately for me, I also have freckles that get 10x worse any time I burn and only fade by 1% over the winter months.

That last picture certainly is priceless, though, lol.

Ngaire said...


Nicole P. said...

Ouch!! I did that this summer and both arms completely peeled off...gross!!! And pain!!!

Julz* said...

Ouchies!!! >_<

that is horrible :( it looks painful :(

aussie sun = evil

Viviane said...

Wow, that does look painful. I hate tanlines. I always have flip flop tanlines, because that's like all I wear during the summer. I hope it gets better and the skin doesn't peel or something icky like that.

kirby said...

curse us living 3/4 of a kilometre from THE SUN! happens to me all the time... except my suntan stops at the elbow... and the neck.. which means I do look odd in anything sleeveless.

you're looking mighty nekkid in that first picture... and the last one makes me want to hug you.

30andflirty said...

OMG that looks sooo unfun! I do love the expression in that last photo though. LOL

nila said...

Ouch. Makes me thankful for my brown skin. You're probably better by now since I'm such a late commenter.

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