How was YOUR Saturday?

Hold your breath people; I actually WENT OUT last night!

No really, I kid you not. I went outdoors. Outside. With other people! Neat, huh?

Jason and I went out to a historical homestead with my parents, for a night out. It was run through my parents Mustang Club, and was a dinner slash dance slash ghost tour evening. We decided to stay at a hotel overnight, just to make an evening out of it.

Because I am lazy, dot points will have to suffice for now. Besides, I think this summarises the evening fairly well.

  • I got a sty in my eye. Hurty. Very hurty. Made eye puffy. I made a poem for it. (Oh sty, Oh sty, I hope you die. You're not very nice to my poor little eye. Oh sty, oh sty, you picked me - why? I think I'll eat a piece of pie.) Talented, no? I am the queen of the sty(ie)s!
  • The hotel room my parents booked into was crawling with ants. Ours was not. So they got upgraded to the upstairs hotel room, with a BALCONY! Bitches! (The ants go marching two by two, hoorah, hoorah..)
  • It was a beautiful afternoon. It was a beautiful homestead. It had a beautiful garden. It even had a beautiful peacock in said garden. (Hey Dad, look at the bird! It just had its peacock out! - NB: I MEANT to say its tail, perves.)
  • Wine tasting at the door is always a good start. Not so much though, when old people park themselves in front of the bar and WILL NOT MOVE. Even free wine is not worth the fussing. Instead, I just waited for some to be brought to me. (On looking at a rather pervy painting on the wall of the homestead - Aly: Hey, look at that picture! It's a chick looking up another chick's dress! Mum: No, that's a guy! Alyr: It is? (pause) Hang on, she's got no pants on! What a whore!)
  • Yummy food. I got seafood (bleh) and then beef (bleh). What I ACTUALLY ate was pasta (yum) and chicken (yum). (You know you've got a good boyfriend when he willingly swaps the alternate meal dishes with you because you're a fussy cow.)
  • A lantern-lit ghost tour around the homestead. Complete with predictably "set up" noises and creaks that predictably had me crapping my pants. No ghosts though. At least, none that I saw. (It's perfectly acceptable for two grown women to be holding hands walking through a scary dark homestead right? RIGHT?)
  • Paying $10 for a breakfast of Cornflakes, juice and tea. Ten dollars. Okay, so I didn't exactly pay for it, but it was still dodgy. And beware of toast that looks nicely toasted, so you butter it, but then you pick it up to eat it and it is BLACK and BURNED on the other side. (Aly: I thought we got the COLD breakfast!? And you got the HOT breakfast?! - NB: My cereal milk was warm, and mum's toast was cold. What the..?)
Anyway, had a good time, even if I only managed to crack a smile out of Jason once or twice. It sure is nice to get out, even if I was yawning by 10pm. I'm telling you; I'm a grandma cleverly disguised as a twenty-something.

19 down; 11 to go.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun evening...even if you didn't get the room with the balcony. I love ghost long as I don't see any ghosts...

kirby said...

where was this!?!

car club runs are always I got dragged to way too many of them when I was a little dear (don't go now though)...we never went to homesteads though... just places like MONTE CRISTO about HAUNTED....jeepers.

kari said...

hey, i found you through your comment on teacher anonymous's blog. and to copy you, i say: another teacher blogger - yay! (i didn't say hoorah, 'cause that seems to be your thing. yay is much more me.) feel free to stop by my place - i love new visitors! - but i warn you that it's a bit heavy these days, as i'm going through some difficult stuff right now. but normally it's fun and teachery!

also, your italicized commentary is hilarious. i much enjoyed my reading here. :)

Teacher Jane said...

Despite the sty and obstacles between you and your free wine (which, in my opinion, is easily the most horrifying aspect of your tale...), it sounds like it was a great time.

See any ghosts??

Teacher Jane said...

Not only should I probably read carefully before I comment (No ghosts! I see now!), but I should also definitely comment on how fun your parents seem.

And also, I can't believe you've made it through this NaBloPoMo. You rock, lady.

elise said...

I love wine tastings. Did they have the good bread and olive oil, or just stale crackers? Sometimes that really makes or breaks the wine tasting. Especially if you taste a lot of wine :)

kirby said...

omgosh I can't believe you missed the fray thingie-mah-bob...
even though in the grand scheme of things, it possibly wasn't really that good. Just Isaac talking about decorating, and how he was the only one concerned that the studio didn't have "drapes"

and monte cristo house is down near Wagga... they had a car club run there a few years ago when we were on our annual rally with them. I refused to go simply because of the stories they told me beforehand... THAT is some freaky shit... it has a reputation.
JUNEE... that's where it is.

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